DAN announces their 2013 DEMA Show Talk Schedule

DAN announces their 2013 DEMA Show Talk Schedule

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Dr Neal W Pollock, DAN's Research Director stated, "Our lecture series is a wonderful way for us to reach out to divers from all over the globe. We have found that DEMA Show attendees appreciate hearing in-depth lectures that make you think, on the latest in physiology, diving medicine or safety research. Our audiences are very positive and we often get excellent questions that produce ideas for new presentations and initiatives.

Unfortunately not everyone is able to attend our bi-monthly community diving lectures in Durham, North Carolina, therefore these talks work very well as an informal two-way communication channel. There is such a thirst for knowledge out there, and we often get divers asking questions face-to-face (that they do not wish to discuss in the open sessions), either after a talk or later at the DAN booth (#1427).

This year's talk topics include;

- “Marine life toxicology: What the dive leader should know”

- “Myths & ‘Facts’ in Diving Physiology”

- "PFO & Recreational Diving”

- "What should be in your Emergency Action Plan”

- "Art and Science of Rebreather Diving: Deeper Access & Deeper Trouble”

- "What to Expect from Hyperbaric Treatment and How it Heals DCS”

So far everyone has gone away having learnt something from a DAN talk. I certainly get a kick out of educating divers to be safer or better informed, and what better way than to offer this lecture series. There is no charge to attend and no need to register for talks - simply attend Room S230E at the DEMA Show at the correct time. We look forward to meeting you."

For more information on the DAN Lecture series at the 2013 DEMA Show check out the DAN website; or follow @DAN_America on Twitter for highlights and schedule reminders: #DAN13DEMA.

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