Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara: Liveaboard Safari to Komodo, Flores & Alor

Bobtail squid at Beangabang, Alor, Indonesia
Bobtail squid at Beangabang, Alor, Indonesia. Photo by Scott Bennett.

Located in the eastern half of Indonesia is the island chain of Nusa Tenggara where unique marine life can be found on brilliantly colourful reefs as well as sites with volcanic sands, great for muck diving and macro photography. Scott Bennett takes us on a liveaboard adventure to three of the islands: Alor, Flores and Komodo.

Last Minute Cabins to Komodo and Alor on the Arenui

The Arenui has limited availability on their schedule until 2026-2027. So if you were thinking of diving Komodo or Alor, now is the time to take advantage of these last minute openings.

May 4-15, 2023: There is a single space in a male shared cabin available on this 11 night cruise through Alor and Komodo, beginning in Maumere and ending in Labuanbajo.

June 16-24, 2023: There are two single beds, one male and one female, available on this 8 night cruise through Komodo and Sumbawa, beginning in Bali and ending in Labuanbajo.

Komodo: Indonesia’s Dragon Isle

Komodo Island kept bobbing in and out of my field of vision as we continued to circle in water that was churning. I could almost see the Pacific colliding with the Indian Ocean. Ali, one of the many talented dive guides from the luxury liveaboard Arenui, popped up from the depths and shouted, “The current is going off!”