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We will ask! No further information is collected at the time of subscribing. Nor will it be required later to continue your subscription as matters currently stand.

From time to time, about two times a year, we will ask our readers to assist us by participating in different surveys and polls. These are not required and entirely voluntary and anonymous but a great help to us.

We use such info to map readership demographic and composition, update our media info and to understand trends and wishes among our readers. These are usually conducted using Surveymonkey or Zoomerang which are reputable third party online survey software packages.

Bottom line: We do not need or want to collect all sorts of info about you - and we are surely not going to share it. That is none of our business.

It is a simple as that.

That said, we are absolutely interested in hearing from you so please do get in touch by email or interact with us on one of our social channels.

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We reserve the right to contact our database (via email) to provide information regarding the availability of new issues of X-Ray Magazine, contest announcements, special promotions, surveys etc....

When on occasion any message from a sponsor, collaborating business or partner appears - such as announcements for upcoming dive shows, photo contents and the like - it has forwarded by us - the contact information has not been shared. It will originate from our server.


As of summer 2018 the average frequency of our newsletters or announcements is approximately once a month.

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