Shearwater 'Journeys' Teric Dive Computer

The 'Journeys' is a watch style, feature-rich, dive computer. Shearwater states "the Journeys Edition is inspired by dive helmets and tools used by divers over the years, re-imagined in underwater adventure stories and movie classics."

The Journeys Edition Teric has a modern, yet elegant and timeless style. Shearwater

Customer Feedback

Shearwater actively listens to the people who dive their products. As a result the company frequently issues software upgrades. In this instance, Shearwater has responded to the most requested colour request for the latest Teric strap, and launched an 'Imperial Purple' strap. 

The reef was found in November, during a diving expedition to a depth known as the ocean's "twilight zone" - part of a global seabed-mapping mission.
The reef was found in November, during a diving expedition to a depth known as the ocean's "twilight zone" - part of a global seabed-mapping mission.

Pristine coral reef discovered off Tahiti

A research mission, led by UNESCO, found the reef which stretches for nearly three kilometres and exists at depths down to 70 meters, or 230 feet. This is around the ocean's "twilight zone," where there's just enough light to sustain life, and below which the ocean transitions into a dark abyss.

The reef probably took around 25 years to grow. Some of the rose-shaped corals measure more than 2 metres in diameter. This is highly unusual because, up to now, the vast majority of the world’s known coral reefs sit at depths of up to 25m.

Announcing the Winners of World Shootout 2021 Competition

Photographers from 54 countries, thousands of submissions and five finalists from each category who reached the final. Who are the ones going to win in one of the 12 categories and who will win the picture of the year?

The award ceremony will take place on Face Book page:

Saturday, January 29 2022

Screening time: 

10th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest Winners Announced

The prestigious Ocean Art Underwater Photo Competition, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, has announced the world’s best underwater photos with its 2021 winners. While we continue to see challenges and travel restrictions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, the 10th annual competition was a testament to the high caliber of craftmanship found in our global community of underwater artists. 

Some of the nests that were discovered
Some of the nests that were discovered

World's largest fish breeding area discovered in Antarctica

Using a towed camera system, researchers discovered the world’s largest fish breeding area near the Filchner Ice Shelf, south of the Antarctic Weddell Sea.

The nests belonged to the Jonah’s icefish (Neopagetopsis ionah). Mapping the area suggested a total extent of 240 square kilometres. Based on the density of the nests and the size of the breeding area, it was estimated that there were about 60 million nests.

Peter Sotis sentenced to 57 months in rebreather smuggling case

Sotis was the 80% owner of Add Helium, a diving equipment and training company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The charges stem from the defendants’ scheme to cause the illegal export of rebreather diving equipment to Libya in August 2016.

If rebreathers are to be exported to any countries with national security concerns, such as Libya, it requires a license from the U.S. Department of Commerce.

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Tamara Brown pictured in circa 2000, when she was part of the inaugural class inducted into the USA centric 'Women Divers Hall of Fame'

WDHOF Member jailed for fraud

In addition to the prison term, US District Judge Joseph H Rodriguez has sentenced Tamara Brown to three years of supervised release, fined her US$50,000 and ordered restitution of US$1.1 million.

The 58-year-old commercial diver of Haddon Heights, New Jersey had previously admitted guilt to one count of wire fraud in connection with her operation of a commercial diving school from January 2012 through to July 2018.

WDHOF Responds

A spokeman for the Women Divers Hall of Fame exclusively told X-Ray Mag on 16 January 2022 "WDHOF takes pride in our members’ accomplishments and efforts that were so significant they were inducted into the organization. We also appreciate their continued enthusiasm for helping the organization strive to make a positive impact through our training grants and scholarships. WDHOF has always had the expectation that our members continue to be ethical and honorable in their actions.

Diveheart Malaysia Ambassador Syed Abd Rahman presents at World Expo Dubai
Diveheart Malaysia Ambassador Syed Abd Rahman presented adaptive diving and new ecotourism at the World Expo in Dubai.

Malaysia's adaptive diving and new ecotourism destinations presented at World Expo

In a collaboration between Malaysia Tourism and adaptive dive training organization Diveheart, Syed Abd Rahman, Diveheart Malaysia ambassador and advisor for the National Dive Council of Malaysia, presented the Diveheart adaptive diving programs in Malaysia, which features accessible tourism at Malaysia’s beautiful dive destinations.

The Diver Who Fell from the Sky

When his country needed him most, Palauan Francis Toribiong came along and helped the Pacific island nation find its place in the world and become an independent, forward-looking 20th-century state. And he achieved this, improbably, via the sport of scuba diving. This is the inspiring tale of an absolutely unique life, written by Simon Pridmore and illustrated with images of the beautiful islands of Palau, above and below the water.

Rico Besserdich Portfolio

No. 2, photo by Rico Besserdich
No. 2, photo by Rico Besserdich

Rico Besserdich is a widely published German artist, lecturer, photography instructor, writer, adjudicator and professional underwater photographer living in Turkey. His work has appeared in over 300 magazine and book publications around the world and has been translated into nine different languages.