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Image shows three turtles on a sandy mound surrounded by water, in a natural environment
A rare turtle species is further threatened by Brazil's growing hydroelectric power industry.

Hydroelectric plants put turtle habitats at risk

In a recent study, scientists in Brazil are sounding the alarm for the Williams' side-necked turtle (Phrynops williamsi), a rare species found only in Brazil's Atlantic Rainforest and neighboring Pampa grasslands. The growing hydroelectric power industry in the country poses a grave threat to these turtles, already classified as "Vulnerable" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Announcing the 24th Annual SDUFEX Undersea Film Festival

The 2023 San Diego UnderSea Film Festival will be held Friday, October 6 and Saturday, October 7 at the Irwin M Jacobs Qualcomm Hall. Join us for a wonderful evening featuring some of the best underwater short films from around the world.

There will be a unique program each evening and tickets are available now at

If you are unable to join us in person, tickets will be available to watch our virtual film festival October 9-31.

Please share with your friends and we hope to see you there.

Sea turtle hatchlings
Sea turtle hatchlings

US Navy safeguards nesting sites of sea turtles at Virginia's beaches

Naturalized dunes line the shoreline, serving as a defense against storm surges and preserving vital wildlife habitats. This beach is a prime nesting spot for sea turtles, being where loggerhead, Kemp’s ridley and green sea turtles lay their eggs from mid-May through August.

Executive Officer of NAS Oceana Captain Josh Appezzato and his team of sea turtle patrollers diligently search the beach at sunrise daily.

Diver at the wreck of the Trinidad

Historical society finds 1880s shipwreck in Lake Michigan

According to a Facebook post, shipwreck enthusiasts and historians Brendon Baillod and Bob Jaeck located the schooner Trinidad earlier this year, submerged in 270 feet of water off Algoma.

The schooner, constructed in 1867 in New York, was a "canaller," specifically designed for navigating the Welland Canal connecting Lake Erie and Ontario. It primarily served the Great Lakes grain trade, shuttling coal and iron from New York and returning with Midwest grain.

I am therefore I think. Because I think, justice should also be extended to me?

Justice for All Sentient Beings?

Most of us will agree that we should not be cruel to animals but treat them nicely. We have animal welfare laws in place, for example, and pet owners will testify that their animals—often considered members of the family—have personalities and feelings. It is also widely accepted that a number of wild animals possess considerable intelligence and social skills, such as primates, marine animals, and some birds, to name a few.

The hogfish, also known as boquinete, doncella de pluma or pez perro in Mexico is a species of wrasse native to the Western Atlantic Ocean
The hogfish, also known as boquinete, doncella de pluma or pez perro in Mexico is a species of wrasse native to the Western Atlantic Ocean

Light-sensing Skin Cells Make Hogfish a Master of Camouflage

Hogfish, Lachnolaimus maximus, possess an uncanny ability to alter their skin colour, transitioning from a mottled white to a deep coral orange within mere seconds. This remarkable transformation is a survival mechanism, allowing them to seamlessly blend with their environment, evading potential predators.

Over the course of decades, polluted and warmer waters have bleached and killed up to 95% of Florida's corals.

Florida's Coral Reefs Under Siege from Rising Temperatures

Florida's coral reefs, a vital marine ecosystem, have been under severe threat due to extreme ocean temperatures this summer. The coral reefs, besides being biodiversity hotspots, also serve as a protective barrier against coastal erosion and are a significant source of revenue through tourism.

Efforts to protect and restore these reefs have been ongoing for decades. Coral restoration, which involves planting coral fragments, has been a primary method employed by scientists.