An adult green turtle from the Karpaz nesting beach
An adult green turtle from the Karpaz nesting beach

Egyptian lagoon is preferred foraging ground for Cyprus' green turtles

Researchers have discovered that Lake Bardawil in Egypt is the preferred foraging spot for female turtles that lay eggs at key rookeries in Cyprus.

Situated at the northern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, Lake Bardawil is a large, shallow lagoon with an artificial opening that connects to the sea. Initially created as a fishery in the 1950s, it became an ideal seagrass habitat for adult green turtles.

Cannon wreck seen from starboard bow
Cannon wreck seen from starboard bow

Nearly intact ancient shipwrecks found in the Baltic

The discoveries in the Baltic Sea are unprecedented and have revealed shipwrecks hundreds of years old. Two of them are with great certainty cargo vessels from the Netherlands, while the third and largest is supposed to be a Scandinavian vessel.

All three shipwrecks stand like ghost ships almost unscathed in total darkness on the seabed at a depth of approximately 150 meters and beyond the reach of modern fishing vessels.

Video file


In order to obtain the best footage, two Swedish photogrammetry experts Ingemar Lundgren and Fredrik Skorg from the company Ocean Discovery took part in the expedition. An underwater robot equipped with an advanced camera brought thousands of images to the surface and reproduces with great precision a virtual image of the wrecks as they actually appear.

The pictures are so detailed that you get the feeling of being able to walk around a ship that sank hundreds of years ago.

Master Liveaboards Upcoming Black Friday Sale

DEMA is only just over but Master Liveaboards is not pausing for breath. After a successful week in Orlando catching up with friends, old and new, it’s time for Black Friday.

There are some amazing deals on the way, starting on the 25th November. Everything is under wraps for now, but guests will be able to save up to 50% on new bookings on upcoming departures across the fleet!

DAN Thanks Dive Pros and Businesses for a Great 2022

Its Enhanced Membership, launched earlier this year, has already been adopted by more than half of its members.

Its liability insurance program has been embraced by every training agency in the industry.

And now, DAN has the highest number of Business Members and Professional Members in the history of the organization.

“We are so grateful for the support we receive from the wonderful people of this industry,” said DAN president and CEO Bill Ziefle.

A manta ray near Isla de la Plata off the coast of Ecuador. Photo courtesy Fundacion Megafauna Marina del Ecuador.
A manta ray near Isla de la Plata off the coast of Ecuador

Largest known manta ray population is thriving off the coast of Ecuador

Although manta rays are readily capable of long-distance movements of hundreds if not thousands of kilometres, most populations appear to be philopatric (tending to return to or remain near a particular site or area—ed.) with few examples of long-distance dispersal.

Oceanic manta rays, the largest ray species, were listed as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act in 2018. In 2019, their threat category increased from vulnerable to endangered on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List.

Octopuses observed throwing silt, shells and algae around and at other octopuses

In 2015 and 2016, researchers observed and filmed instances in which gloomy octopuses (Octopus tetricus) in Jervis Bay, Australia threw debris around themselves and sometimes at other octopuses.

This was the first time such throwing behavior has been observed in octopuses.

What was going on? Were these intelligent creatures merely rough-housing or having a pillow fight?

Skinny but upbeat DEMA Show

After two years of disruption because of the pandemic, DEMA Show was back in gear.  Well, largely. It was still markedly more compact than the pre-pandemic editions but still a large show with far more booths than one can reasonably manage to visit during its four days. Also importantly, the mood appeared to be upbeat, with businesses being eager to ramp up activities as the industry and travel activities are pulling away from the doldrums. 

DEMA 2022

DPG/Wetpixel Masters Underwater Imaging Competition 2022 Announced

This long-established and widely respected contest celebrates the splendor of the oceans and the challenging art of underwater photography and video.

The organizers call on underwater shooters of all levels, from novice to professional, to compete in what has become the “World Championship” of international underwater imagery events.

More than half of surfers surveyed are not bothered by sharks in the water.
More than half of surfers surveyed are not bothered by sharks in the water.

Shark in the waters? No sweat, said more than half of surfers in survey

Imagine you are riding the waters on your trusty surfboard, savouring the rush of emotions and feeling totally alive, when you glance down into the waters and you spot a shark swimming by. 

Does your heart skip a beat and you immediately look for the fastest way to get back to dry land?

Or do you continue what you are doing, feeling more at one with the elements?

Well, if you are like more than 50 percent of surfers, you would simply continue surfing, according to a survey of 391 surfers, conducted by the University of South Australia.

Why puffer fish spawn on beaches under moonlight 

At the time of the spring tide (new moon and full moon), thousands of puffer fish around the world head for the coastlines to spawn. There, they gather at the water’s edge and vigorously tremble their bodies to spawn.

Scientists have long wondered how the puffer fish were able to synchronise their spawning with the lunar cycle.

A paper published in a recent issue of the Current Biology journal has the answers.