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Bracenet Ghost Net Tasman Sea Tshirt

The ‘Tasman Sea’ shirt is made from 100% Fairtrade certified organic cotton, and features the Bracenet logo and “Save The Seas. Wear A Net” slogan on the sleeve. 

The female cut is somewhat fitted at the waist, whilst the male shirt is a little fitted at the shoulders and sleeves. There are five female sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) and four male sizes (S, M, L, XL). 

Key Features

  • Male t-shirt, four sizes - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Female t-shirt, five sizes - Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • 100% Fairtrade certified organic cotton
  • Certified with the EU Ecolabel
  • Tasman Sea Ghost net recovered and cleaned in environmentally friendly manner by divers
  • Produced by hand in Hamburg, Germany
O'Three 2020 Seasonal Beanie

O'Three 2020 Seasonal Beanie

In the event you end up shivering uncontrollably underwater, it is time to end the dive, surface and warm up.

You can also help slow down the process of getting cold by protecting your body temperature pre and post dive. A simple way to minimise heat loss is to wear a hat when you are on the surface. A humble beanie works well, and there is quite a choice out there. The latest one to hit the shelves is a limited edition 'seasonal beanie' from O'Three.

Fourth Element OceanPositive Storm Poncho

One of the first pieces of diving advice you are taught is to get out of the water and seek warmth if you are cold. One way to do this is to wrap yourself up in a poncho.

Fourth Element has just augmented their OceanPositive range of clothing with the launch of a UV resistant poncho. The unisex garment is quick-drying (200% faster than cotton) and has been made from S.Café® technology.

Fourth Element Submerge Ladies Boardshorts

They have now (thank heavens) launched a pair of ladies Boardshorts, and stated that these should not be ironed. We like the 'you must not iron' bit.

The four-way stretch, quick drying, easy care fabric (95% Polyester / 5% Elastane) promises to give the diver greater freedom of movement. Fourth Element have stated that to prolong the life of these shorts you should only machine or hand wash them in cold water and then line dry. (No bleach, no tumble drying, no dry cleaning, no fabric softener).

Divesangha Calypso Aqua Shorts

Divesangha Calypso Aqua Shorts

These summer range of shorts and swim-shorts are special because Divesangha is using ECONYL® fabric from Italian maker Aquafil. (Advocates of Fourth Element's OceanPositive range are already familiar with this regenerated fabric.)

ECONYL is made from 100% recycled nylon from recovered fishing-nets. The fabric itself is popular with divers because it is ecological, soft, stretchy and quick drying.

Mobby's Air Shelter

It truly is no fun being stuck on a dive boat, in a wet wetsuit, and then “the north wind doth blow”. One solution is to scamper across the deck. Seek shelter from the wind. Strip off. Towel down. And don dry clothing.

A quicker fix is to put some form of thermal protection over your wetsuit, such a windproof walking jacket. There are two down downsides to this. The inside of the jacket will get, at best, damp. And a walking jacket can be quite a struggle to get into when you are already wearing a wet or drysut.

Fourth Element Changing Mat

The community is divided. Some divers like to make their own. Some divers like to buy their own.

When it comes to buying, there is quite a choice of manufactured mats available. fourth element unveiled their version in Orlando in November at the DEMA Show.

This mat is constructed from a hard wearing fabric. It is soft and safe to walk on, and looks to be comfortable to get changed on.

The mat doesn't absorb water, and is simple to clean. Just wipe it or give it a quick rinse and after a few minutes in the sun and wind, it will be dry.