MBP Solutions Services

Apart from being a world leader in the provision of biological by-products globally, MBP Solutions also offers a variety of services to many industries and companies with the aim of helping them increase their production output and enable them to achieve their desired goals. Here are the five services offered by MBP Solutions.

1.) Outsourced Management of By-Products

MBP offers manufacturers that work with biological raw material an outsourcing service known as the Outsourced Management of By-Products (OMBP). The OMBP approach relies on these three principles;

• Value creation
This approach stresses the alignment of interest with the company’s goal of increasing value to enable the MBP’s international organization and application experts to come up with the best solutions.

• Legal Compliance
Recognizing the importance of this principle, MBP invests in educating their staff and including audits and legal compliance reports into the OMBP approach.

• Development
To achieve the best solutions in the medium and long-term period, the OMBP approach focuses on the long-term perspective thereby enabling MBP to invest in product and market development.

Currently, MBP has several OMBP contracts in these industries, omega-3 refining, oleo chemistry, fishmeal production, nutritional supplements, used cooking oil and food and beverages. For more information regarding the OMBP contracts, visit https://www.mbpsolutions.com

2.) Waste collection

MBP has staff with adequate training to enable them to carry out waste handling activities efficiently, they are also well conversant with the necessary legislation aspects involved. Therefore, the company is qualified to handle materials with a waste status since their offices and installations in Europe fulfil the waste handling national and European requirements.

MBP has built a positive international reputation in the collection and management of wastes and animal products from their customers and the relevant authorities who oversee waste management in various countries. An example is the company’s application of converting bio-based wastes into biogas in Denmark and Netherlands.

3.) Laboratory Analytical Services

MBP through the Resource Labs AS provides laboratory services to various industries mainly focusing on organic by-products and waste streams with particular expertise in environmental matters as well as residual resource management.

The Resource Labs AS has a reputation for offering the most reliable analytical services, optimized and professional methods of laboratory analysis for the un-common types of samples and applications as well as their use of results for business and associated applications.

Resource Labs AS specializes in offering services for the following biological by-products

• Oils and fats
Conducting specialized analysis for the oil and fat products and assisting their clients gain knowledge that will present them with opportunities for blending and adding stability to their product.

• Biogas
Resource Labs AS adopts a specialist type of group analytical method to evaluate the potential of substrates for biogas application as well as assisting clients to validate their products for legal compliance and achieve the best pricing for energy production.

• Wastewater
They also provide the basic analysis of wastewater composition and consultancy on the legal compliance for the discharge of wastewater into the environment.

4.) By-product collection

MBP is proud to be the world leader in the collection of biological raw materials for use in by-product production. Their by-product collection agreement is on a quarterly, half-yearly or on annual basis.

This service provides a harmonious legal compliant solution for the clients’ by-products, it also ensures that there is a sufficient collection capacity hence eliminating the chances of your storage and tanks becoming full and stopping production.

Through their ad hoc trading, MBP can also buy shiploads of by-products, which have the benefit of balancing the clients’ books, manage volume variations and create new business relationships.

5.) Vacuum tanker services

MBP also offers vacuum tanker services in conjunction with Sosibo AB, which is a specialist company in the sludge and flush market in Northern Bohuslan, Sweden. Sosibo offers its services to all the industries and residents that are not covered by the municipal services.


By providing quality and reliable services, MBP aims to be the company of choice for the industries engaging in biological by-products globally in order to achieve mutual benefit for all parties involved.