Nauticam NA-EM10IV underwater housing

Tray and handles are available as optional accessories. The housing is compatible with Nauticam’s range of underwater optics, including the WWL-1 and new WWL-C wide-angle attachments, and the CMC series macro wet lenses. Its dimensions are 184 x 138 x 100mm, and it weighs 1.08kg topside and 0.1kg underwater (including the camera and battery). It is depth-rated to 100m and has a Nauticam N85 port mount.

Ikelite Underwater Housing for Canon EOS R5

It is made of ABS-PC (an advanced form of poly-carbonate), is depth-rated to 60m, features Ikelite’s own “dry lock,” has a valve for a vacuum pump, weighs only 5.4 lb (~2.4kg) with tray and handle and is compatible with Ikelite’s DL system lens ports. The included manual hotshoe, with Ikelite ICS-5 bulkhead, supports manual strobe exposure with a wide variety of strobes, including Ikelite, Sea&Sea, Inon, Retra and others. For Ikelite strobes, an optional TTL converter can be added.

Nauticam NA-1DXIII Housing

The housing offers HDMI 2.0 compatibility via an M28 bulkhead and uses Nauticam’s N120 port system. Strobe triggering is supported with optional manual or TTL flash triggers, via fiber optics, or with the supplied Nikonos 5 pin bulkheads and internal electrical board. Its dimensions are 360mm x 235mm x 145mm.
Its topside weight is 3.59kg, and its underwater weight is -0.2kg (with camera and battery). The NA-1DXIII is depth-rated to 100m.

Easydive DivePad

The housing communicates with the tablet via a Bluetooth connection. For IOS devices, a downloadable app allows you to trigger all camera functions; for Android devices, no extra app is required. A “selfie button” allows one to switch between front and rear camera views. The built-in electronic unit has its own battery, which is fully charged within two hours and provides 14 hours of operation.