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Preconditioning for Safer Scuba Diving

This column is adapted from a chapter in my book, Scuba Physiological – Think you know all about Scuba Medicine? Think Again! The chapters in this book were originally written by scientists in the field of decompression research as part of a three-year project called PHYPODE (Physiology of Decompression). My (self-appointed) task was to rewrite their sometimes-complex research in a form accessible to all divers.

Nuttlar Slate Mine

Diver explores the Nuttlar slate mine in Bestwig, Germany
Diver explores the Nuttlar slate mine in Bestwig, Germany.

Nestled in the mountainous area of Bestwig in western Germany is the Nuttlar slate mine, which offers divers an intriguing opportunity to step into the past. Kurt Storms gives us a glimpse of the underwater passages in the mine.

Celebrating 70 years of BSAC

For the last seven decades, BSAC has played a key role in promoting underwater exploration, safety and education. As we celebrate the club's remarkable journey, let us dive into the past and explore the significant contributions BSAC has made to the diving community.


To celebrate 70 years, BSAC has created this special video as a thank you to our members, instructors, volunteers and friends across the world:

Introducing Diver's Wallet: Your Ultimate Dive Companion!

With Diver's Wallet, divers can now access everything they need, conveniently consolidated in one place, ensuring they stay organized and fully prepared for their next underwater adventure.

What Diver's Wallet offers:
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Wild Diving in the Komati Springs of South Africa

Exploring a side tunnel on the third level of the mine
Exploring a side tunnel on the third level of the mine at Komati Springs

If you have ever wondered how dark the earth was before humans discovered fire, then spend some time in the forest. The night arrives shortly after 6 p.m. and the sun rises around 5 a.m. In this period of time, you may feel enveloped by the darkness in this part of South Africa. Andrea Murdock Alpini shares his adventure diving the Komati Springs.

What exactly is meant by "Rebreather Friendly"?

“Rebreather Friendly” dive centres—what exactly does this mean? With emerging technologies becoming more mainstream in the diving world these days, more and more people are making investments in rebreathers. Everyone knows the advantages of these pieces of kit—extended dive time capabilities, reduced gas usage, quieter and less obtrusive to the aquatic world, etc. But are dive operators thinking along the same lines?