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Wild Diving in the Komati Springs of South Africa

Exploring a side tunnel on the third level of the mine
Exploring a side tunnel on the third level of the mine at Komati Springs

If you have ever wondered how dark the earth was before humans discovered fire, then spend some time in the forest. The night arrives shortly after 6 p.m. and the sun rises around 5 a.m. In this period of time, you may feel enveloped by the darkness in this part of South Africa. Andrea Murdock Alpini shares his adventure diving the Komati Springs.

Diver Error Highlights the Lethality within the System

Debriefing allows lessons to be learned—successes and failures. Photo by Gareth Lock.

Diving is not without risk—there is always a chance of death. There is always a latent or potential lethality within the “system”—where system is defined as the equipment, people and the physical, social or cultural environment. We cannot make diving 100 percent safe despite what anyone tells you. We can make things safer, but we cannot make diving safe.

Turning Tek

Once considered an extreme activity reserved only for a fringe set of explorers and adventurers, technical diving has grown in popularity since the ‘90s and has become mainstream. However, technical diving is not for everyone. Aside from an advanced skill set, it also requires a certain mindset. How do you know if you have got it? Simon Pridmore offers insights into what makes a good technical diver.

Utö Mines: Exploring 150-year-old Mines in Sweden

Diver places a cookie, 74m, in Stjernheim’s shaft. Photo by Anders Etander
Diver places a cookie at an intersection to show the way out, at a water depth of 74m in Stjernheim’s shaft. Photo by Anders Etander

The desire for adventure lies in wait and entices us… On Utö, there was an unexplored mine system. Follow Anders Etander down into the darkness, where the “In Water Under Land” exploration group had the privilege of diving in a place that has been untouched for 150 years.

All the Trimmings: Tips to Improve Your Efficiency in Water with Good Trim

Scuba diver
With good trim, divers are more efficient and can stay longer and safer underwater.

Trim is a misunderstood, and often poorly rectified, scuba skill. In our scuba journey, trim is something that we may or may not encounter or discuss, unless we get into technical diving or more advanced recreational diving. Francesco Cameli offers insight and advice in how to improve your trim and increase your efficiency in the water.