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When was this image taken?

An Innate Connection

Take a close look at this image. When was it taken? Last year, actually, but it could have been 60 years ago. It shows the beach where I spent most of my childhood summers, since I was a toddler, and where I have spent most of my summer holidays ever since. In the photo, it is as if time has stood still. Those kids playing on the sandbar could have been my brother and me as children.

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On the brink

Diving is a recreational pastime, meant to offer pleasure and respite from our hectic work schedules and the relentless flood of troubling news that seems to worsen daily.

We have always strived to write about and focus on the wonderful adventures, the beauty of the underwater realm, and to provide educational infotainment that enhances our experiences and appreciation of what lies beneath the surface.

A return to the “old normal” in the dive industry

We have recently returned from another DEMA Show, and it is heartening to witness the dive industry’s resurgence following the pandemic. The show felt like a return to the “old normal.” However, there is an intriguing duality at play here—the old is becoming the new normal in the dive industry.

With nearly three decades of experience in the dive industry, I may be considered a senior member by conventional standards. Yet, at many dive shows, it does not quite feel that way. Amid the attendees, you will find plenty of grey hair, a few walkers, and even some mobility scooters.