Buddy Dive adds extra week to Bonaire TeK!

Buddy Dive TeK is adding an extra week to Bonaire TeK! 

Bonaire Tek is THE tec diving event on Bonaire, attracting tec divers from all over the world and manufacturers of the best gear in the industry. 

This year, Bonaire TeK takes place from September 28 – October 5, 2024. Because of the huge success of the event, Buddy Dive TeK is adding an extra CCR week to Bonaire TeK! 

What exactly is meant by "Rebreather Friendly"?

“Rebreather Friendly” dive centres—what exactly does this mean? With emerging technologies becoming more mainstream in the diving world these days, more and more people are making investments in rebreathers. Everyone knows the advantages of these pieces of kit—extended dive time capabilities, reduced gas usage, quieter and less obtrusive to the aquatic world, etc. But are dive operators thinking along the same lines?

The Generic Breathing Machine: Front-Mounted Rebreather Innovation

Gregory Borodiansky diving his Generic Breathing Machine (GBM), a front-mounted rebreather he invented
Gregory Borodiansky diving his Generic Breathing Machine (GBM), a front-mounted rebreather he invented

Technical diving instructor and inventor Gregory Borodiansky is qualified to dive 20 different rebreathers. He is also a rebreather instructor on many units and a rebreather instructor trainer. Since Borodiansky has a background in electronic engineering and computer science, he took the features he liked on each unit and designed a front-mounted rebreather. Larry Cohen reports.

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The Vernon Monument honours all involved in mine warfare, diving, bomb and bomb disposal - past, present and future

A monument for all involved with mine warfare and diving to be officially dedicated

At present, the dedication event at Gunwharf Quay is provisionally pencilled for Friday, 15 July 2022. The summer date has been chosen, because it is anticipated that Covid-19 will be less of an issue. That being the case, it is hoped that current and former Royal Navy Clearance Divers will be allowed to take part in this important occasion.