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DAN at 2024 Scuba Show

Divers Alert Network (DAN), the world’s leading dive safety organization, will connect with attendees next weekend at Scuba Show, Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Throughout the event, the DAN team will be recording video testimonials in room 402A-B, located on the second floor of the venue near the event seminars. 

Equalising Ears: Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation

Diagram showing how the balloon is inserted and expanded inside the Eustachian tube. Photo: @ Spiggle & Theis Medizintechnik / CC BY 4.0 DEED

It can be devastating to your diving career if you are unable to equalise or have a lot of trouble doing so. The underlying cause may be a narrow Eustachian tube, which connects the middle ear to the pharynx. Fortunately, this can be treated. Peter Symes reports.

Party with DAN at DEMA Show 2023

You are cordially invited to join the DAN team and your dive industry colleagues at The Sugar Mill (just across the street from the convention center) from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 14. 

We’ll raise a glass to you — and all who help divers safely explore our underwater world. From food to music, there will be plenty of local flavor, so come ready for a taste of New Orleans. 

Diving Emergencies: New service allows free calls over the internet

We have introduced a new service allowing DAN Europe Members to call the emergency hotline also via the Internet.

This makes it now possible to contact our Alarm Center even when cellular signal reception is poor.

It also allows long-distance calls to be made without incurring excessive costs.

We remind you that you can contact the Alarm Center through the following channels:

DAN announces USCG approval of its first aid courses

The current version of DAN’s first aid and CPR courses, Version 3.0, was determined to meet or exceed the first aid and CPR training requirements for a merchant mariner credential.

Developed by dive medicine physicians and diving educators, DAN’s courses provide divers with the skills and confidence needed to respond in emergencies. All courses meet current ILCOR and AHA guidelines and are applicable to everyday life as well as diving.

The humble sea cucumber is a marine delicacy loved across Asia, but may be also a key ingredient in preventing diabetes, according to new research from the University of South Australia
The humble sea cucumber is a marine delicacy loved across Asia, but may be also a key ingredient in preventing diabetes, according to new research from the University of South Australia

How sea cucumbers could help combat diabetes

Considered a marine delicacy in Asia, sea cucumbers are widely known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Now, new research from the University of South Australia (UniSA) suggests that they might be a crucial ingredient in the fight against diabetes.

DAN Welcomes 2023 Interns

The DAN Internship Program was created 24 years ago to give qualified students valuable experience in dive safety research. The scope of the program aligns with DAN’s goals of helping divers in need, promoting dive safety through education, and expanding outreach and communication initiatives.

The interns will spend time this summer at DAN’s headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, to work on various projects and research efforts.

Pros Choose DAN Liability Insurance

DAN has made it easier than ever to purchase a policy — get an instant quote today at

When you choose DAN RRG or DAN World Insurance Group SP, you get more than just an insurance company.

Having reinvested over $100 million in dive safety programs, DAN stands alone as the only liability insurance carriers that reinvest proceeds in dive safety programs for the benefit of divers everywhere.