Retra Supercharger

The Supercharger doubles the battery life and reduces the recycle time by more than 50 percent. It is powered by four AA-sized rechargeable batteries, making the complete set (strobe and add-on) running on eight batteries in total.
In addition, it acts as a helpful grip for strobe positioning underwater. With this add-on attached, the technical specifications of the Retra strobes include a recycle time at 40% power output of ~0.7s and the number of flashes at 50 percent power output of 700+. The combined (strobe and Supercharger) assembly weight is 1150g.

Ikelite DS Strobe

This successor of the well-known Ikelite DS160 and DS161 will feature improved energy savings (33%), a chrome-plated reflector for improved output, a fast recycle time, and an improved design for more field of coverage and softer fall off.
The new DS strobe will work with the same batteries as the DS160/161. It is compatible with the Ikelite TTL converters and can be triggered by a fiber
optic cable or electronic sync cable.

Kraken Sports Solar Flare Mini

A COB LED gives it a warm colour temperature and a smooth, even beam with no hot spots. With its dimensions of 8 x 6 x 4in and a weight of 3lb, it is designed for professionals who need powerful yet compact lighting systems. The Solar Flare Mini is flood-resistant with a vacuum-sealed battery compartment, head/lamp and battery compartments are completely isolated from each other.
The video light is prepared for remote controls, which are available as additional accessories.

Godox Color Effects Set

The Godox Color Effects Set for round flash heads contains two each of 15 creative colour gel filters. Included in the set are Bastard Amber, Straw, Light Amber, Light Flame, Golden Amber, Light Red, No Color Pink, Middle Rose, Light Rose Purple, Surprise Pink, No Color Blue, Daylight Blue, Primary Blue, Moss Green and Blue Green filters. Each single filter has a diam-eter of around 6.5cm, which makes it possible to place it behind the diffusors of the most commonly used underwater strobes such as Sea&Sea, Ikelite and Inon.

Backscatter MF-1 Mini Flash

However, this strobe, with its guide number of 16 and its ability to fire 1,400 flashes with a fully charged Nitecore NL1835HP 18650 battery, is, according to the manufacturer, capable of lighting smaller and mid-sized wide-angle scenes or subjects as well, when using the optional diffuser. The strobes support five power settings, is triggered by an optical cable, and has a built-in 500-Lumen focus light, which is adjustable to three different power settings.

Retra Flash PRO

The strobe runs with four rechargeable AA-size batteries, has a maximum light power output of 150W, is made of machined aluminium, and has a built-in leak detector and 13 power settings, plus various user-programmable settings. Its beam angle is 130 degrees, and its colour temperature is 4900K. With a set of fully charged batteries, the Retra Flash PRO provides 150 flashes on 100 per cent light output.
A standard feature: The strobe can be triggered by optical cables, which are compatible with INON and Sea&Sea housings.