ADEX Tokyo 24

ADEX marks its 30th anniversary with its Pearl Jubilee ADEX Ocean Festival 2024, reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable blue economy. This platform, dedicated to our oceans, aims to foster sustainable solutions, awareness, and community-building.

Event dates
📆 Friday 25 October 2024 ⏱ 10:00 ➢ 📆 Sunday 27 October 2024 ⏱ 17:00


In conjunction with the annual Asahi Shimbun’s Good Life Fair, ASIA DIVE EXPO JAPAN 2024 will make its inaugural appearance in 2024! 

In recent years, the Good Life Fair has become a hub for businesses and consumers alike to get the latest in products, services, and enjoy a whole range of events and activities that promote food, health and beauty, fashion, hobbies and leisure, and tourism, among others.

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