MK19 EVO BT/ G260 Carbon BT

Fans of diaphragm regs will be interested to learn that Scubapro launched a new regulator in Winter 2020, that’s CE certified to the new EN250A standard. The ‘MK19 EVO BT’ (BT = Black Tech) balanced diaphragm first stage is smaller than competing brands. It has been designed specifically for technical divers wanting to explore cold / contaminated (think silty) waters below 4°C / 38°F. The swivelling turret (2 x HP ports, 4 x high-flow LP ports, 1 x axial ‘super-high-flow LP port) enables optimal and smooth hose routing.

Apeks Black Sapphire

According to the UK-based manufacturer, the stunning-looking metal cover, which is machined from aircraft grade anodised metal, improves performance in cold water. First stage performance in cold water has also been improved with a heat-exchanger that comes fitted as a standard. Five ports allow for flexible hose routing, and a unique carbon-coloured hose with both a second and first stage swivel makes it more comfortable in use.


After my very first pool session, I was hooked. Every thought I had circled around diving and dive equipment. I could not wait for my next session. The instructor was a God, and what he said must be true. I was an easy target! By the end of the class, I walked out of there with an Open Water dive certificate and a great deal on a dive package.