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Campaign Packages

In our most attractive packages, we combine the best of what we offer with the highest discounts.

These packages bundle magazine ads, website banner ads, newsletters, press releases, social media posts and extra services.

Flexible Advertising

The Flexible Ad Package
When your marketing needs are seasonal or change over time


Contextual Advertising & Links
Contextual advertising campaigns place banners and links on webpages that have a contextual relationship to the product or service being sold

Magazine Ads – à la carte

Insertion rates. 
Serial discounts.
Dimensions, size templates and file formats.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads – à la carte rates
Rates, plans, dimensions and file formats
Geo-targeting is included. But what is it?
Display different versions of your banner ads to different audiences - i.e. by country or language.


Email Marketing Options
Have your message included in X-Ray Magazine's newsletters.

Editorial Services & Content Creation

Wordsmithery for advertising, press releases and other forms of marketing.
Equipment Reviews
Hands-on reviews and product descriptions
Branded Content
Your brand story told through our voice in a way that will be compelling to our audiences.
Editorial Sponsorship
Content that is funded by an advertiser but produced by X-Ray Magazine journalists.
Resort Reviews
Fancy an extended display of your resort in our destination articles? Need images for marketing?
Content Creation
“Content is king.” Creating authentic, original stories that have tangible value to the audience.
Sponsored Guest Blog Posts - and back links
Sponsored blog posts on X-Ray's website are highly effective for companies that are doing it right.
Blogs for Corporate Sites
Do you need a blog written for your site or brand?

Ad Size Charts & Formats

Circulation ⏐ Readership & Demographics

Distribution Channels
How our magazine travels across the globe
How many readers do we have?
What counts? Every visitor however infrequent or just the regulars?
Readership Composition
Disposable income, spending on travel and dive equipment and more.
Geographic Distribution
Where our readers and subscribers are located.


At Waterproof, we understand that our market place is global, so we can’t always rely on the immense number of small paper magazines, it’s impossible. With X-Ray Mag, you get worldwide penetration immediately, and your adverts are dynamic, leading customers directly to your website. You can't do that with a regional paper magazine that has a 3-month lead time”.

Christer Falkeborn, Managing Director - Waterproof

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