Moscow Dive Show 2021 show report

Moscow Dive Show 2021 show report

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From the cold depths of winter, the Moscow Dive Show 2021 gives off some much-needed springtime vibes to kick off a new season.

Stage Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center
Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center sports a big stage

Alongside the arrival of springtime, the Moscow Dive Show heralds a new beginning.

While 2020 and the first quarter of 2021 saw the unprecedented mass postponement of international dive shows around the world—including Boot 2021—one dive show in Europe was determined that the show would go on.

And thus, the first large-scale event of 2021 for the dive industry was the Moscow Dive Show. It was held on four days from 8 to 11 April 2021 at the Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center in Moscow.

The dive show went on against the backdrop of dwindling Covid-19 cases in Russia, and with the vaccination rate continuing to pick up steam.


During the day, show exhibitors and attendees mingled amongst one another, then continued their meetings and discussions in the many restaurants and nightclubs in the city. 

For the first time, the show had a special section dedicated to professional diving. There, leading companies, relevant government services and volunteer associations presented their range of diving equipment and supplies, technologies and training methods.

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