Explorer Ventures Pre-DEMA Group Travel Specials 2024

Reserve a small group or the whole boat for your dive shop, we have PRE-DEMA deals that will save you money. Book a group of six or more travellers to enjoy special pricing and exclusive extras, like free spaces, free Nitrox and unbeatable deposit terms for travel into 2027. 

Our expert travel team will help you reserve your group liveaboard trip to the Caribbean, Galapagos, Red Sea, Maldives, Palau or Maldives.

These deals are typically better than the DEMA Specials and won’t be marketed to the public! Be creative; put together a package that works for you. 

Culinary Diving in Norway

Pasta with fresh caught king scallops and mussels enjoyed for lunch after a dive. Photo by Susanne Paulsen.

Boil pasta al dente with some blue mussels, white wine and olive oil, or put some king scallops on the barbecue with fresh herbs and pesto. Add one part Italian passion, one part fresh mozzarella and two parts delightful diving, and you have a culinary adventure!

Scotland: Muck Diving at Home

Do we really need to go underwater at the other end of the world (and its challenges)? Lawson Wood poses this question while comparing the muck diving found in his home country of Scotland to that found in exotic locations in Asia and other regions of the world, renown for their muck diving sites.

Bonaire: A Diver's Paradise

Glassfish with large colony of purple tube sponges and sea rods at Bonaire

A Caribbean island nestled in the Leeward Antilles, warm and sunny Bonaire is a diver’s paradise with lots of shore diving and easy-to-reach fringing reefs, attracting divers at all levels who wish to explore and enjoy its beautiful reefs and marine life. Matthew Meier shares his adventure there.