WW2 British bomber found in Norwegian fjord

WW2 British bomber found in Norwegian fjord

The wreckage of a RAF bomber shot down over orthern Norway during a raid on the German battleship Tirpitz during World War 2 has finally been found 72 years after it went missing.

A Halifax bomber lost in World War 2 has been found at the bottom of a Norwegian Fjord
(Unrelated filephoto). The Handley Page Halifax was a British heavy bomber aircraft of World War II

The Halifax bomber was struck by heavy flak and made a successful crash landing 600ft down a water inlet in northern Norway.

The sunken bomber will be protected as a war grave because of the likelihood of the remains of the two airman still being on board. Four of the six-man crew bailed out into a dingy but nothing was ever seen of navigator, Flight Sergeant Albert Columbine, or wireless operator, Arthur Evans. It is believed they drowned when the bomber went down.

The bomber was part of 35 Squadron and took off from RAF Kinloss on April 28, 1942, to find and sink the Tirpitz, which was the heaviest ship in the world at the time.

Professor Martin Ludvigsen, of the marine technology department at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, said: "It was a construction company which found the plane initially.

"They didn't realise it was there or what it was. We went to the site and used a remote controlled underwater vehicle which dived to 180 metres.

"It was quite exciting. We could see from the images that it was the Halifax and was in good condition.