Was justice served or perverted?

Implications of Maltese Court Ruling on Diving Fatality

On Friday 25 November, diver Arthur Castillo, 60, was found guilty of the involuntary homicide of his long-time dive buddy Christine Gauci who died following a dive in Mgarr ix-Xini, a bay on the southern coast of Gozo in January 2020. Ms Gauci was an Armed Forces of Malta member, diving instructor and technical diver.

Unfathomable tragedy hits Dudas family of divers

On Friday 23 April 2021, Zale Dudas (9) and Saxon Nairne (7), along with their father Rodney Nairne, visited a property in Jensen Beach. It is believed that the purpose of the visit was to demonstrate a DPV or Diver propulsion vehicle.

According to mainstream media reports, the siblings were “described by their father as experienced swimmers and proficient divers”. This is not a surprise because the family are ardent and experienced scuba and technical divers, and several members have done work in scuba diving.

Link to GoFundMe page: Help Suzie

Dudas Family pic


We are both devastated. Rodney Nairne

On 28 July 2021 Rodney Nairne - Zale Dudas and Saxon Nairne's father - contacted me. He stated that both he and Suzie had agreed to donate the children's organs. 

Failure to ensure that a roving patrol was maintained allowed a fire of unknown cause to grow and ultimately consume the vessel

Last Year’s Deadly Fire Accident Aboard The Conception Dive Boat Has Consequences For All

In September 2019, off the coast of California, a fire aboard the MV Conception, a 23-meter (75-foot) scuba diving liveaboard, broke out during the night, killing 33 passengers and one crew member. The captain and four crew members barely escaped. After more than a year of speculations and rumors, the NTSB (the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board) published the results of its investigation and the U.S. Coast Guard issued a new policy on a few topics, including the charging of lithium-ion batteries aboard small vessels and liveaboards.

Rob Stewart promotional photo

[update] Sharkwater director Rob Stewart's body found

Stewart is best known for his 2006 documentary Sharkwater in which he examined and exposed the shark-hunting industries of the world and the effect upon the ocean ecosystem.

Rob Stewart, 37, was diving with a small group on the wreck of the Queen of Nassau near Alligator Reef off Lower Matecumbe Key in about 225 feet of water, his sister Alexandra Stewart told Miami Herald on Wednesday morning. He was filming an installment of his Sharkwater documentary series, she said.

Ron Akeson (1957-2014) - Mission Well Done

Technical Dive Instructor Ron Akeson

I don’t think a week ever went by where I didn’t hear Ron tell someone at his Bellingham dive store, “My motto in life follows the saying: growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” If you ever had the pleasure of knowing or meeting Ron Akeson, you probably understood how he viewed life, because he truly believed in trying to squeeze in every little bit of living into each and every day!

Wes Skiles' cause of death is being listed as an accidental drowning.
Wes Skiles' cause of death is being listed as an accidental drowning.

Wes Skiles' death remains a mystery

Skiles died while on a dive off Boynton Beach, Florida, on July 21, 2010. He signalled to the other divers that he was ascending because he was out of film (although not technically shooting "film" in this digital age)

His body was found on the reef, shortly after that. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful and he was subsequently pronounced dead at a local hospital.

In 1985, Skiles founded Karst Productions and continued his underwater film career.