Oban Hyperbaric Chamber Loses Funding

Oban Hyperbaric Chamber Loses Funding

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The National Health Service (NHS) has withdrawn its funding for the Oban Hyperbaric Chamber with immediate effect, leaving the entire west coast of Scotland without an NHS-registered treatment facility, according to the operator.

Oban Hyperbaric Chamber

The abrupt discontinuation of NHS funding for the Oban Hyperbaric Chamber has been confirmed, prompting substantial concern within the diving community. This development effectively leaves the west coast of Scotland without an NHS registered facility to treat decompression illness, a critical service for divers.

Divers affected by decompression illness will now face transfers to Aberdeen for treatment, raising serious questions about the potential delays in receiving essential hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The current facility in Oban, which stakeholders deem sufficiently equipped, is being sidelined, prompting challenges against this latest NHS decision.

As well as providing hyperbaric treatment, the Oban facility has a dedicated team of five doctors specialising in diving and hyperbaric medicine. This team has historically provided round-the-clock support to Oban's Accident and Emergency services, co-ordinating urgent care for divers. The withdrawal of funding spells the end of this vital medical resource.

With the withdrawal of NHS backing, emergency support for diving-related incidents along the west coast now falls solely to the Coastguard and the Scottish National Helpline.

The diving community and its supporters are rallying to overturn the decision, with advocates being urged to direct letters of support to Tritonia's email at

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