Climate Change, Hot Summers, & Our Ocean - What Divers Need to Know

For divers, heading out into the ocean is one of the most enjoyable pastimes around. However, bad conditions can make it difficult to dive and, unfortunately, climate change is making bad conditions more common than they ever have been before. 

Specifically, hot weather can heat water and make it difficult, impossible, or dangerous to dive in. Given that extremely hot water is getting more common as a result of climate change, it’s imperative that divers understand the risks they now face and how to deal with these increasingly common challenges. 

Here’s what divers need to know about climate change, hot summers, and our ocean. 

Climate Change Increases Storms

As any diver knows, being caught in a storm while diving can be extremely dangerous and potentially life-threatening. As a result, it’s important for divers everywhere to stay informed about weather patterns and take the proper precautions to avoid them. 

Unfortunately, climate change is increasing instances of storms and other instances of inclement weather in the ocean. This makes conditions more dangerous for divers across the world.

This being the case, divers are at an increasingly more significant risk of being caught in a storm and being harmed while diving. As such, it’s vital that divers prepare for increasingly common weather hazards in order to keep themselves safe from harm. Assure your safety and develop a disaster communication plan before committing to your journey.

Climate Change is Negatively Impacting Ocean Ecosystems

Coral is an important part of ocean ecosystems across the entire globe. Sadly, climate change is causing coral significant harm through a process called coral bleaching. 

Essentially, coral bleaching is the phenomenon of corals ejecting algae. This occurs when the water that coral is in becomes too warm. Eventually, if coral bleaching continues for a significant amount of time, the coral will die. 

As many are aware, ocean ecosystems can be fragile as many different species depend on each other in keyways. As such, the fact that climate change is making waters warmer is having an increasingly devastating effect on the ocean. 

For divers, this can mean a decrease in robust ocean ecosystems to explore. If this continues, the number of places for divers to explore will continue to decrease, taking a significant toll on the diving community. 

How Divers Can Help Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change 

Many divers are now acutely feeling the effects of climate change. As a result, many are ready to be a part of the solution and contribute to efforts to help the ocean thrive in these trying times. 

Unfortunately, many divers, though their intentions are in the right place, aren’t exactly sure how to help the problem. Fortunately, having a bit of guidance can make this process far easier. 

Here is how divers can help mitigate the effects of climate change. 

Promoting Awareness

Even in today’s modern world, few people are aware of how devastating the effects of climate change are on ocean ecosystems. To change this disheartening fact, divers can help by promoting awareness about this problem. 

Whether this is by starting a blog, spearheading community efforts, or informing all of one’s network, raising awareness can help put a dent in this immense and difficult problem. 

Diving Responsibly

Divers have a significant responsibility when diving to ensure they aren’t disturbing ecosystems. This includes not diving in off-limit areas and not harming species in any way, even inadvertently. 

This is especially important today as climate change is already causing many ocean ecosystems significant damage. This being the case, divers can help oceans thrive by being extra cautious and taking significant efforts to dive responsibly. 

Engaging in Sustainable Practices

In today’s world, there are many commonplace activities that are harmful to the ocean and also contribute to climate change. This includes using plastic products and eating unsustainable foods. 

To help contribute to efforts that reduce the impact of climate change, divers can engage in more sustainable practices such as recycling whenever possible, reducing waste, reducing plastic use, and eating sustainable foods. 

Climate Change is Changing the Ocean for Divers

As climate change continues to warm the planet, the ocean is being harmed in impactful ways. For the diving community, this means a change in the number of places available for recreational diving and a decrease in safety levels. 

Thankfully, there are practices divers can engage in to reduce the negative impact of climate change. As time goes on, many are hopeful that climate change will be halted and the ocean can regain its former levels of well-being.