Bracenet donates €50K to Healthy Seas

Bracenet donates €50K to Healthy Seas

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Bracenet marked #EarthDay 2021 - Thursday 22 April - by making a significant donation to Healthy Seas.

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640,000 tons of fishing nets are annually lost or dumped at sea. Bracenet repurposes some of this lost net in their bracelets

The German-based enterprise makes ethical bracelets from recycled marine materials, ie diver-recovered ghost fishing nets. Every bracelet purchased raises funds to remove more of this plastic trash / rubbish from our oceans and coastlines. 

We donate a fixed amount up to €5 to 'Healthy Seas' for every product sold. Benjamin Wenke

Bracenet has financially supported a number of environmental initiatives and cleanups since it was founded in 2015 by Madeleine von Hohenthal and Benjamin Wenke. This latest donation of €50,000 to Healthy Seas will fund future ghost diving net recoveries and expand Healthy Seas' educational programs. 

"I am thrilled to receive this grant on behalf of Healthy Seas", stated Pascal van Erp. "This big donation from Bracenet is timely because a new chapter - Ghost Diving Germany - was launched on Earth Day." 

This big donation from Bracenet is timely, because Ghost Diving Germany has been launched. Pascal van Erp

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Collaboration is cool, because there is certainly no success, without collaboration. Pascal van Erp

These important conservation and clean up initiatives are succeeding because Bracenet, Healthy Seas and the Ghost Diving Foundation understand that collaboration is key. As a result of this positive partnership, the financial grants from Bracenet have enabled ghost diving chapters around the world to remove hundreds of tons of lost fishing nets, fishing gear and other marine debris from shipwrecks, reefs and the seabed.

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In addition, Bracenet has upcycled five metric tons (5,000kg / 11,025 lbs) of the old and former ghost nets, repurposing the material into new bracelets. The recovered nylon net that cannot be used by Bracenet is regenerated by Healthy Seas and turned into Econyl yarn, whilst the other types of plastics are also reused or recycled. 

Save the Seas. Wear a net. Bracenet

There are a number of bracelet options that raise money for environmental cleanups. Bracenet is the most ethical one we know of. It does not 'GreenWash'. 

Greenwashing - PR and / or marketing that deceptively promotes that a product, an aim or a policy is environmentally friendly.

No #GreenWashing

Bracenet does not pay for advertising or influencers. Instead, news about Bracenet and its products spreads organically, by word of mouth and celebrities who respect and understand the sustainable environmental work being done. 

We still have a long way to go, but we are already making a relevant contribution now. Benjamin Wenke, Bracenet

Bracenet also makes it very clear on their website how much money has been raised and where it has gone. To date, Bracenet has issued key grants totalling €750,000 to the Charles Darwin FoundationDoctors Without BordersHealthy Seas, Huckleberry Finn Project, Ocean Voyages InstitutePacific Garbage Screening, Sea Shepherd and Viva con Agua.

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