Help Todd Essick raise money for the people of Riviera Maya Mexico

Help Todd Essick raise money for the people of Riviera Maya Mexico

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Tropical storms Gamma and hurricanes Delta and Zeta caused power outages, issues with delivery of food packages and compounded an already bad situation with Covid-19. Underwater photographer Todd Essick is raising money for food programs in Riviera Maya.

Mexico's Riviera Maya needs your help


Todd Essick

Todd Essick writes:


Over a month ago our fundraising, which primarily was coming through Go Fund Me pages and promoted on Facebook, was blocked by Facebook, for still unexplained reasons.

Since then we have almost used up all our donations from our supporters,

we will have to suspend our feeding programs without your help very soon.

As many of you know I have been working with Father Hubert Reiner and Father Patrick Butler to help those in need with 2 food programs here in Riviera Maya, Mexico for the last 6 months. Father Hubert Reiner and I have been providing food packages to families and with Father Patrick Butler I have been making chili macaroni every Wednesday for his daily soup kitchen.

Our fundraising problem with Facebook maybe the same artificial intelligence issues that is blocking many small businesses and charities on Facebook at this time. We hope to be back up on our old social media soon, an attorney and supporter is working pro bono in an attempt to resolve the issues.

We are presently building on new and different social media platforms, but not having access to our established friends and supporters on social media could not have come at a worse time for us and the families we help. Please help pull us back to where we need to be to help families.

Please forward this email with the link to our go fund me page to your friends and ask them to watch the video and read the page and donate too, thank you


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