Join Blue Force's liveaboard and test dive the Horizon semi-closed rebreather!

Join Blue Force's liveaboard and test dive the Horizon semi-closed rebreather!

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Eat. Sleep. Dive. Repeat. There is nothing quite as compelling and convenient as liveaboard diving, especially when it's from an award-winning boat!

If you are able to travel at short notice, there's a last-minute opportunity to join the Maldives 'Blue Force One'. You could be boarding this premier boat in three weeks' time, and diving the classic 'central Atolls route'. 

The aim is to find hammerheads, dolphins, eagle rays and shoals of colourful fish

A spokesman for Blue Force stated "The aim is to find pelagic, grey sharks, white sharks, black-tip sharks, and in some cases hammerheads and dolphins, eagle rays and shoals of colourful fishes, morays, tuna fish, gild-head breams, groupers and turtles."

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One of the unique things about this particular trip is that Blue Force has confirmed it is hosting its first-ever Mares HORIZON rebreather test event. This means that you could get to experience some of the magnificent atolls, whilst you check out a unit.

Why dive the Mares Horizon?

This lightweight semi-closed nitrox rebreather is aimed at recreational divers wanting to extend their bottom time. It is therefore a pretty straightforward unit to set up and check. Mares states that the "Horizon controller intuitively maintains an ideal nitrox mix". You can therefore extend your dive time or decrease your decompression time. 

There will be a spectacular night dive with mantas. Blue Force

This trip will give you the chance to explore a mixture of atolls and thilas - submerged coral 'seamounts' - and hopefully dive with Mantas. A massive Maldivian treat!

The best way to get close to marine life is learn about its behaviour and / or dive a rebreather. PADI

Some Mantas can sometimes get spooked by a diver's exhaust bubbles. As you breathe out, your bubbles effectively 'tickle' the underside of the Manta, and it can sometimes dart away. With a rebreather, this isn't an issue - you are no longer a large noisy animal blowing bubbles. Marine and fish life are much calmer and curious, and actually get closer to the diver, because they want to inspect this strange creature more closely. 


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"The Best Maldivian Liveaboard" In 2018 Maldives Blue Force One won the 'best Maldivian liveaboard'. She sleeps 24 passengers in twelve cabins and suites, that are more akin to a luxury hotel than a normal liveaboard. Prices for this trip start at US$1690/~1383 Euros per person, with flights to Male, taxes and service fees on top.