Save the corals of Maamigili

Save the corals of Maamigili

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Maamigili Reef in South Ari Atoll, Maldives, is home to a Marine Protected area where whale sharks are found all year round. Unfortunately, the ongoing construction of an airport involves pumping sand on top of the existing coral reef to create more land.

The airport expansion is already underway and will be completed within the next few months, so immediate action is required in order to save as many corals as possible.

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Coral Mission is a NGO who have stepped up to the task of getting this task organised. To that end, Coral Mission’s marine biologist, along with with a group of committed divers, has developed a plan to rescue, relocate and replant the corals in a safer place.

The corals will be moved to the nearby island of Dhigurah where we will build rack frames for them to live and grow safely.  Animals such as snails, crabs and lobsters will also be relocated.

The goal is to relocate 2000 corals which are still alive.  In order to meet this target further funding is needed. As of this writing, some 50% of the required funds have been procured.

Time is running out

As the dredging, which will result in some 30 hectares of reef becoming buried and smothered under sand, is already in progress swift action is required to relocate as many corals as possible before it is too late.

$14 to save a coral 

According to a statement on Coral Mission's website, the cost of saving one coral is just $14 - about the price of going to the movies or a couple of beers in a bar.    In other words, you can help make a difference without breaking the bank,

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Replanted coral
Thanks to the support of donors, work to replant nearly 2,000 corals in the Maldives has been able to begin
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