Record number of Loggerhead Turtle Nests in Florida

Record number of Loggerhead Turtle Nests in Florida

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As of the end of July, Loggerhead Marinelife Center documented a record-breaking 22,469 loggerhead turtle nests on their local beaches in Florida.

Newly hatched loggerhead sea turtles
Newly hatched loggerhead sea turtles

Loggerhead Marinelife Center (LMC) is a non-profit education and ocean conservation facility located on the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The research team at LMC monitors a 9,5-mile stretch of beach from Juno Beach up to Jupiter Island between March and October. Juno Beach is one of the world's most densely nested sea turtle beaches in the world!

As of the end of July, the research team documented record-breaking nesting numbers, now totalling 22,469 nests to date this season on local beaches.

With another three months to go, this year’s nesting count has already beaten LMC's previous record set in 2019, totalling 20,998 nests.

Nesting behaviour

Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) exhibit a remarkable nesting behaviour. These ancient mariners return to their birthplaces to lay their eggs, typically under the cover of darkness. The female loggerheads laboriously dig nests in the sand using their flippers, depositing around 100 to 126 eggs per clutch.

These nests are carefully camouflaged, aiding in their protection from predators and environmental factors. After an incubation period of about 55 to 60 days, the hatchlings emerge and instinctively make their way to the ocean, guided by the moonlight's reflection on the water.

Unfortunately, due to various threats, including habitat loss and climate change, protecting these vital nesting sites has become crucial for the survival of these magnificent creatures.



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