Dive Rite

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Dive Rite has been outfitting underwater explorers since 1984. What started as a small workshop producing thirteen tools for cave exploration has evolved into a global brand with recreational and technical equipment lines that include over 200 products.

Dive Rite developed the canister light, backplate, and Classic wing, entering the rebreather market in 2004 with the O2ptima CCR that has evolved into the more travel-friendly O2ptima CM.

Dive Rite’s employees are actively involved in every aspect of the dive industry including exploring, teaching, and testing the equipment Dive Rite sells in every imaginable underwater environment worldwide, including caves, wrecks, reefs, and ice diving.

Insights are brought back to the research and development team so Dive Rite can continue the process of continuous innovation. Serious divers prefer the Dive Rite brand because it has been known for its rugged reliability for almost forty years.

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