Fourth Element Seeker Mask

Fourth Element Seeker Mask

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The Cornwall-based manufacturer states that their new Seeker mask was designed with two main objectives: maximise the diver’s field of vision to be as close as possible to the experience of not wearing a mask using a single lens and to fit nearly everyone.

The low-volume construction enables effortless equalization and clearing, offering a brighter and broader view of the underwater world. Its soft silicone skirt and unique facial geometry ensure a comfortable, universal fit, making it suitable for nearly everyone. You can choose between two lens options, Clarity and Contrast, for optimal visibility. Plus, it is eco-conscious, compatible with recycled elastic straps, and comes with a sleek low-profile case for added durability and convenience. Dive with unmatched clarity and comfort with the Seeker mask.


Press releases from Divers Alert Network (DAN)