Waterproof W7

Waterproof W7

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The W7 is manufactured with the highest grade materials and technologies available in an effort to maximize durability to keep the W7 in action longer, the Swedish manufacturer states.

The soft, flexible Neoflex 100% CR neoprene in combination with the elegant grey & black dull Lycra offers a 4-way stretch and a comfortable fit. The suit comes with two anchor straps with anti-slip for your computer and a tough Duratex seat for abrasion protection.

Anti-slip surfaces over the shoulders and waist. Two streamlined, easy to use, flexible pockets with enough space to hold a spare mask, SMB with spool, deco tables, and so on. All zippers come equipped with zipper pullers to ease opening and closing with or without gloves.

Tired of the neck/back chill when jumping into the water? As an option, you can get a Detachable neck seal that eliminates the water flow, a very welcome feature when you dive without a hood!

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