Waterproof W7

The W7 is manufactured with the highest grade materials and technologies available in an effort to maximize durability to keep the W7 in action longer, the Swedish manufacturer states.

The soft, flexible Neoflex 100% CR neoprene in combination with the elegant grey & black dull Lycra offers a 4-way stretch and a comfortable fit. The suit comes with two anchor straps with anti-slip for your computer and a tough Duratex seat for abrasion protection.

Waterproof W30 2.5mm Wetsuit

This collection is designed to protect you from scrapes, stings and the sun when you dive tropical waters. The 2.5mm steamer wetsuit - it has no seals on the ankles, wrist or neck, therefore it is not a semi-dry suit - is fastened with a back zip. The ends of the sleeves, ankles and neck are finished with a piping of rolled neoprene. The high neck has been designed to reduce BCD 'rub' and pads have been fitted to the shoulders to help protect against wear and to provide 'anti-slip' properties to help keep the BCD or harness in place.

Waterproof D7X Nylotech Drysuit

Recent development in material and enhanced polymer science has made it possible to perfect the Waterproof D7 concept. Changes were made to make diving in challenging environments a more pleasurable and effortless experience. Nylotech, a new material developed to be softer, yet more resistant to abrasion.

Key Features

  • Warm Neck and Warm Cuffs
  • Kevlar reinforced atomic boot
  • Kevlar reinforced knee pads
  • Si Tech QCS Ring System
  • Plastic free pacvkaging
  • Nine female sizes: XS, S, M, M+, ML, ML Tall, L, L+, XL
  • 16 males sizes: XS, S, M, M+, Medium Tall, ML, ML Tall, L, L+, L Tall, XL, XL Tall, XXL, XXL Tall, XXXL, XXXL+

Waterproof has constructed their D7X drysuit from 'Nylotech'. A new strong, yet soft fabric, that is abrasion proof. (It's actually been tested using the Martindale Method with 200,000 rubs). This has meant that the suit has a slimmer cut and is less bulky than the D7 Pro.

Göran Ehlmé

Göran Ehlmé of Sweden has planned and led many field trips to the polar areas and was the first to lead diving expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica.

As an underwater cameraman, Ehlmé has been on assignment filming many documentaries for Animal Planet, BBC, Canal Plus and National Geographic