Waterproof D7 Evo

Waterproof D7 Evo

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Discover advancements in drysuit technology with the D7 Evo by the Swedish manufacturer Waterproof. This suit redefines expectations through its combination of comfort, safety, and new features.

The D7 Evo introduces a patented soft wrist ring system for an improved fit, featuring a smart, narrow design with replaceable silicone seals that do not require sewing to the suit's arm. Its lightweight system includes a visual indicator for correct fitting, ensuring it is watertight. Additionally, it is equipped with the SI Tech Quick Neck System and valves.

The suit also incorporates a flexible YKK Aquaseal Plastic drysuit zip for easier donning and doffing. Material enhancements include Nylotech with Kevlar reinforcements and an extra zip pocket for storing dive tables, checklists and more. 

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