Aqualung Warns of Counterfeit Apeks Valves

Aqualung Warns of Counterfeit Apeks Valves

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Aqualung Group has discovered counterfeit Apeks drysuit valves on the market. Both inlet and outlet valves are affected. Here is how to tell the difference between the real valves and the copies.

Apeks drysuit valves

The counterfeit valves can be distinguished from the originals by several differences. These include the characteristics shown in the photo below.


The easiest way to tell the difference without disassembling the valve is look at the colour of the inner cap.

On the counterfeit valve (left) the inner cap is black and the silicone gasket is grey. On the original (right), the inner cap is grey and the silicone gasket is purple (or grey, pre-2022).

Viewed from the side, the silicone "cut-out" clips on the counterfeits are 1.25mm-1.9mm wide (bottom left), whereas the cut-out clips on the Apeks valve are 1mm-1.5mm wide.

Download the attached pdf for further details.