Scandinavian Media and Dive Show

In addition to our acclaimed international English media platform, X-Ray Magazine, AquaScope Media publishes the Danish-language 'Sportsdykkeren' Magazine. We also operate web portals in both Danish and Swedish. Collaboratively, we co-produce content and advertising with Norway's 'Dykking' magazine and portal. Furthermore, AquaScope Media plays a pivotal role as a co-organizer of the Scandinavian Dive Show.

X-Ray Magazine's readership matches the global dive community

X-Ray Magazine's global reach

Since its inception in 2004, X-Ray Magazine has established itself as the world's leading digital dive periodical. Over the years, we've cultivated a global readership that mirrors the expansive dive community.

Our magazine has deeply embedded itself within this community, marking a presence in pivotal spaces and earning the attention of local luminaries, leaders, instructors, influencers, and event organizers.

Enhanced reach in Scandinavia

Being rooted in Scandinavia, with offices in both Copenhagen and Stockholm, offers us unparalleled advantages. Our bilingual staff possess an intimate understanding of the Scandinavian dive community. This deep local insight, combined with our expansive network, ensures we're always in tune with regional nuances and trends.

While X-Ray Magazine connects us to a global audience, our Scandinavian base bridges the gap between international reach and local expertise, providing a holistic and informed perspective to our partners and readers.

Sportsdykkeren is also a digital publication


Sportsdykkeren, our Danish magazine produced for the Danish Sportdiver Federation, stands as a testament to our commitment to the local diving community. With a distribution just shy of 10,000, it's published quarterly and not only reaches all members of the Danish Diving Federation but also caters to individual enthusiasts through free subscriptions.

Complemented by its dedicated Danish website, Sportsdykkeren remains a trusted source for diving aficionados in Denmark

Swedish website serves as a vital hub for the Swedish diving community. While it echoes the international news and features from our renowned X-Ray Magazine publication, it also spotlights local news, catering specifically to Swedish dive enthusiasts. This blend of global insights and local narratives ensures that our Swedish audience stays informed and connected to both the world and their vibrant diving community.


Norway:  Dykking magazine and website

Dykking, Norway's sole scuba diving magazine, has been the voice of the Norwegian diving community since its inception in 1983. Published six times annually, it offers a rich blend of local and international features, as well as the latest news from the diving world.

With its dedicated web portal, Dykking not only reaches out to its established readership but also engages a broader audience online. As the definitive platform for diving enthusiasts in Norway, Dykking is the go-to source for anyone keen on diving insights specific to the region. Circulation is approximately 10,500.

"Dykmässan" - the Scandinavian Dive Show

The Scandinavian Dive Show, co-organized by us, is a premier event set to take place from 9-11 February 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Strategically located within a few hours of both Copenhagen and Oslo, the show is also easily accessible to the Danish and Norwegian markets.


Hosted at the Swedish Exhibition, attendees can expect an all-encompassing experience with top-tier accommodation options, diverse dining choices, and conference facilities. With an anticipated audience of 20,000 over the event days, the Dive Show promises to be a significant gathering for diving enthusiasts and professionals. Whether arriving by train, plane, or car, the central location ensures convenience for all.

Link:  Showcase Your Brand at the Scandinavian Dive Show!


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