Equipment Reviews

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Equipment News

In each issue of the magazine, there is a section with news about new products and gear. In this section, the equipment is presented with an image and up to 125 words. Equipment presented in this section has not been tested by X-Ray Mag staff, nor are the items warranted by X-Ray Mag editors or reviewers.

The information provided in this section of our magazine and website is condensed from manufacturers' descriptions, such as spec sheets, catalogues and webpages. Texts are usually edited for length, clarity and style. Active hyperlinks to the manufacturer's website is provided for existing customers. Links are active and functioning at the time of publication.


There is no additional charge for this placement for current customers.

Hands-on reviews

On a quarterly basis, X-Ray Mag editors and associates will take to the water to test equipment, take in-water images for product placement and write reviews and presentations to be published in the magazine and website. The findings and results are usually shared with the media that syndicate our content.

Such tests and reviews are included t no extra charge in the larger campaign packages (link) (with up to two reviews per six months).

Rates for other instances

As production costs vary wildly with circumstances (such as required travel), time frame and scope, a quote will be provided on a case-to-case basis.

Ball park figures: Approximately €700 / $700 per published page.
That said, it can be less - say, if we are travelling anyway and the equipment is small and light - or more if the required tasks are complex.