Distribution Channels

X-Ray Mag is widely read alongside national and local titles worldwide. While it may be the primary dive publication in some areas, its global reach makes for an unparalleled and unprecedented large total readership.

Consequently, our media constitute an attractive and effective one-stop shop for reaching audiences in most regions all at once.

Total World Wide Readership: +145,000 est.

Direct Downloads

61-74,000 copies Each new issue sees not only a surge of downloads upon publication but new readers also tend to visit our archive and download back issues too. As TOMORROW's readers also tend to download TODAY's and LAST YEAR's magazines, your message will also be seen by your FUTURE customers.

Newsletter Subscribers

33,000 Of these, 10,500 are industry professionals, instructors, dive centers, resorts, operators and other decision makers—an authentic B2B mailing list! The mailing lists are automatically kept tidy and purged of stale contacts.

Viral Distribution

31,200 copies (est.) Enthusiastic readers of X-Ray Mag forward and copy issues to others. Users of social media repost or bookmark our magazines, or articles, creating a substantial secondary distribution beyond our site. Surveys have shown that sharing contributes 25-30% of our circulation.


undisclosed, but see below Since 2007, NAUI professional members and divers have been receiving X-Ray Mag subscriptions—regular e-newsletters with download links announcing each new issue. In addition, NAUI promotes X-Ray Mag to tens of thousands of new divers each year. Every NAUI student worldwide recieves X-Ray Mag’s free sign-up instruction card in the NAUI student kit. ►►

Distribution Partners

21,800 est. X-Ray Mag has teamed up with DivePhotoGuide.com, UnderwaterTimes.com, Wetpixel.com, Underwater.com.au, ScubaBoard.com, ScubaPortal.it and many other distribution partners, including some manufacturers.

Partnering with NAUI since 2007

NAUI, the second largest training organization in the world, also distributes X-Ray Mag. Recipients include existing NAUI members and dive professionals as well as the tens of thousands of new divers NAUI certifies each year, worldwide.

New members recieve printed promotionals in their student kit, and both regular and professional members will recieve the new magazines in their e-mail boxes until they unsubscribe.

Promo cards

Global presence, global readership

Each year, X-Ray Mag actively participates, as supporting media and exhibitor, in around 25 to 30 leading dive expos and events in Europe, USA and Austral-Asia, making it the only true international publication in this industry.

DEMA booth

Media sponsorships include

ADEX, Australia International Dive Expo, Beneath the Seas, DEMA, DRT (Hong Kong, and Manila) DykMässan, (Stockholm), EuroTek, the Great Northern Dive Show (Manchester), Malaysia International Dive Expo, Moscow DIve Expo, Our World Underwater (Chicago and Dallas), TekDiveUSA, TekDive Europe, OzTek, Scuba & H2O Adventures Show (Seattle) and numerous local events.