Sponsored Content, Paid Posts and Guest Blogs

Sponsored Content offers advertisers an opportunity to engage with our audience through more than just traditional adverts. It encompasses articles or blog posts on our platforms that advertisers either write or commission.

X-Ray Mag accepts sponsored content and guest blogs with the following provisos:

All topics and linked content must align with our editorial ethos and engage our readers in a family-friendly manner. Content must be legally suitable for minors, culturally sensitive, and relevant to the diverse locations of our audience.

Specifically excluded are:

  • Adult sites
  • Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Gambling
  • Medical products
  • Content inappropriate for minors

We reserve the right to decline content that includes outlandish topics, unscientific claims, misinformation, dubious advice, or any statements that are offensive, inflammatory, or defamatory.


sponsored content

Marketing laws and regulations mandate clear disclosure of sponsored content and paid promotions, similar to practices observed by major news platforms, ensuring transparency and legal compliance

Please note that clients who object to declaring sponsored content and paid promotions, as per marketing laws and regulations, will be subject to a handling fee of €60 should they choose to retract a submitted order on these grounds.

Backlink compatibility

Linked content must align with our editorial stance and audience interests as previously outlined.

Link attributes / observing Google Guidelines

“Not all paid links violate our guidelines. Buying and selling links is a normal part of the economy of the web when done for advertising purposes, and not for manipulation of search results. Links purchased for advertising should be designated as such."   (Google guidelines)

The decision to use 'dofollow' or 'nofollow' attributes on links resides with the editorial team.

Rates pr. post


First post w./setup

Subsequent posts












Rates payable by PayPal unless other arrangements the have been agreed upon before creation of the draft post.

Note: Our campaign packages already include a number of sponsored blog posts at no additional charge in as follows:

Campaign package:

Full Service





Blog posts pr month included






You may also want to consider

Contextual advertising and links

Contextual advertising campaigns place banners and links on web pages that have a contextual relationship to the product or service being sold.

Good contextual links are directly related to the theme of an article.

More info




Process / workflow

Option 1: Advertiser provided content


  • One main image.
  • Up to five secondary images, to be displayed in a gallery below main image.
  • Body text, max 600 words.
  • Description of the sender.

Notes and provisos:

  • Supply captions and credits to all photos and illustrations provided.
  • By supplying images you acknowledge that you either own or have cleared the copyright with the rightful owner.
  • No fancy formatting or overly complicated mark-up. Text embedded links allowed.


  1. Submit content elements by email;
  2. Blog post uploaded to test-site ; (test.xray-mag.com)
  3. Changes made if requested by the client;
  4. Final copy approved;
  5. Payment is taken;
  6. Blog post moved to live website;
  7. Blog post published.

Option 2:  Created content

In the short term, it may seem cost-effective to write your content in-house or outsource it to marketers without a background in journalism. However, in the long run, your content will be stronger if you invest in solid journalists who have experience and the cache to ensure that your content is top-notch.

Rates for web copywriting: $110 / €110 per hour.  Flat rate offers can be provided on request.


  1. Payment is taken;
  2. Headline approved;
  3. Blog post is written and posted on test website;
  4. Changes made if requested by the client;
  5. Final copy approved;
  6. Blog post scheduled;
  7. Blog post published.



#1.  Post on test site pending approval and payment:

#2.  The same post on live site once payment is processed: