Lungfish Orca V6

Lungfish Orca V6

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ORCA CCR: Advanced Diving Simplified for Novices and Experts Alike

The Lungfish Orca V6 CCR is a versatile diving unit designed for both recreational and expeditionary use. Combining ease of use and high performance, it's suitable for novice CCR divers whilst meeting the demands of experts.

Its control system provides instant adjustments to individual divers, ensuring remarkable water stability and buoyancy control. Its state-of-the-art electronics feature a carbon dioxide monitor, self-monitoring capabilities, and a clear display, enhancing diver safety. The unit's design, devoid of exposed wiring and equipped with wet-mateable connectors, ensures reliability and adaptability for future enhancements.

Weighing less than standard scuba equipment, the Orca V6 is travel-friendly, fitting into airline luggage and accommodating various cylinder types. Its durable materials minimise the need for lead weights. The ergonomic design, coupled with a low-resistance breathing loop, ensures comfort during dives, even at depth.

Unique to the Orca V6 is the ability to breathe freely underwater, benefiting photographers and divers in challenging conditions. Its robust construction is suitable for diverse environments, from tropical climates to Antarctic waters, and its tool-free assembly ensures easy preparation for dives.

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