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Buddy Dive Resort hosts 10th edition Bonaire TeK

Buddy Dive Resort is proud to host the 10th edition of this popular event and is looking forward to catching up with friends, learning new things, and exploring new depths.

This year there will be presentations and clinics from Lamar Hires -Dive Rite, Randy Thornton - SubGravity, Frauke Tillmans -DAN, Guy Shockey - GUE, Michael Menduno - Indepth, Gabriel Pineda - Shear water and Didier Draguiv - O’Dive Systems.

Buddy Dive’s Tec Coordinator Mr. G about the 10th Anniversary of Bonaire TeK

Buddy Dive Dominica update

Buddy Dive started doing business in Dominica late 2014 with signing the partnership agreed between Buddy Dive and the Fort Young Hotel, followed by the official opening of the Dive operation in August 2015. In the two years that followed Buddy Dive Dominica has grown into a full-service dive operation with three boats and eleven staff members and the journey has been great. Unfortunately, Dominica saw a direct landfall from Category 5 Hurricane Maria on September 18, 2017.