New UK-Based Dive Training Agency Launched

New UK-Based Dive Training Agency Launched

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UK dive agency NovoScuba launches a new model for scuba education globally


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NovoScuba, a UK-based dive training agency, has announced the introduction of a subscription-based training platform, aiming to offer an alternative approach to the traditional dive education system. The founders, leveraging over a century of combined experience in the diving industry, have designed a platform that they believe will modernize diving education by addressing some of the shortcomings of existing training methods.

Digital Platform

NovoScuba's platform is digital-native, supporting a range of diving training programs from beginner to professional levels, all aligned with international standards and ISO certifications. The subscription model provides ongoing access to educational materials, contrasting with the conventional approach where materials are purchased individually.

Educational Model

Mark Spiers

According to Mark Spiers, CEO of NovoScuba, the platform was developed to "leverage technology to redefine existing business models" in diving education. The model includes a student subscription that offers unlimited access to course materials and a pay-as-you-certify system for dive shop owners, which could potentially make diving education more affordable and accessible.

The platform supports payments in local currency and provides one-click certifications, further simplifying the process for users globally.


Determined to make diving accessible to everyone, regardless of background or ability, NovoScuba is committed to reducing its environmental impact. The agency's approach includes partnering with dive shops and professionals without demanding exclusivity, fostering a community focused on shared success and sustainability.

Global Launch

The agency's global launch is scheduled for TDEX Bangkok, beginning May 16th, 2024.  As NovoScuba gears up for its appearance at TDEX, the industry is anticipating how this new approach will be received. With a focus on digital solutions and flexible learning options, NovoScuba aims to attract a broad audience of diving enthusiasts and professionals.

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