SeaLife Introduces New Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens

SeaLife Introduces New Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens

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SeaLife has introduced a new Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens for the Micro-series and ReefMaster underwater cameras that increases the camera’s field-of view by almost 50% and allows photographers to get three times closer to the subject.

The Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens design uses high-grade optics arranged in a 4- element/4- group array that delivers crisp edge-to-edge sharpness. The internal elements are fully multi- coated optical glass. The dome lens is optical polycarbonate with hard, anti-scratch coating.

“This is a breakthrough for Micro-Series camera users, as the lens significantly improves the camera’s image sharpness” says Bjorn Harms, SeaLife’s Vice President of Product Development. The lens has a 13.3mm film-equivalent effective focal length when used with the SeaLife Micro 3.0 and is waterproof to 200ft/60m.

The lens fits all SeaLife Micro-series cameras (Micro HD, HD+, Micro 2.0, Micro 3.0) and also works with the SeaLife ReefMaster RM-4K increasing the tiny camera’s shooting angle to a massive 196°. The new lens is a “wet lens” and easily attaches and removes underwater. A locking ring prevents the lens from accidently detaching when bumped or in rougher water conditions.

The Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens weighs 11.7 ounces (331 grams) and is negatively buoyant. A lanyard is included to prevent loss underwater and the lens can dock on SeaLife’s “Lens Caddy” when not in use.

The rotatable light shade prevents unwanted glare from external lighting or sunlight, as well as protect the dome lens from bumps and abrasion.

Availability for the new conversion lens is expected for January 2022 with pricing as follows:

Item #:  SL052, Description: Micro Wide Angle Dome Lens, US Retail $349.95

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