SeaLife Introduces New Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Underwater Camera Set

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SeaLife Introduces New Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Underwater Camera Set

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SeaLife has introduced the new Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Underwater Camera & Light set, a full featured yet compact underwater camera and light system.


About SeaLife: SeaLife Underwater Cameras are designed and created by Pioneer Research in Moorestown, NJ and were first introduced in 1993. In 2000, SeaLife developed the world’s first digital underwater camera. In 2007, SeaLife developed the first non-housing digital underwater camera, and in 2013 SeaLife introduced the Sea Dragon underwater lighting system and its innovative Flex-Connect tray, grip, arm, and mounting accessories. In 2014, SeaLife introduced the Micro HD, the world’s first permanently and fully sealed digital underwater camera, followed by the new Micro 2.0 in 2015 and the cutting-edge DC2000 underwater camera in 2017. In 2019 the company expanded into ultra-compact underwater cameras with its ReefMaster RM-4K, and the full-featured Micro 3.0 camera. In 2020 SeaLife launched its SportDiver underwater housing for smartphones, the first dive housing for phones to use its own exclusively designed smartphone app.

The Micro 3.0 camera is combined with the new Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam, which includes a wide and narrow beam for creative lighting options.

The Micro 3.0 is the latest and third generation of if its popular permanently sealed Micro camera series. The camera is leak-proof with no O-rings to lube or maintain, so there is never a worry about flooding the camera.

Like its forerunners, the Micro 3.0 features an ergonomic, compact design with easy- to-use controls and menus. The camera has a 16-megapixel Sony CMOS image sensor and offers 4K ultra-high definition video.

Since it’s permanently sealed, the Micro 3.0 has a large 3- plus hour battery good for a full day of diving and built in 64GB of memory to store thousands of photos and hours of video.

The camera’s ease of use starts with the three wide Piano key type buttons that are easy to locate and control, even with dive gloves on.

The intuitive camera’s Easy Setup feature quickly guides you through the correct settings based on the shooting environment, depth and lighting accessories being used.

The Micro 3.0’s built-in wide angle 100° lens allows the diver to get close to the subjects while still keeping everything in the picture. A new wide angle dome lens is available (SL052) that adds almost 50% to the camera’s shooting angle.

The camera offers WiFi sharing ability, so you can wirelessly preview, download, and share pictures & videos to a smart phone or tablet with the free Micro 3+ app available at Google Play or Apple App stores.

The Micro 3.0 has a time lapse function - shooting at set time intervals as a video file or series of still images, and a rapid-fire burst mode that quickly captures a series of full resolution still images at 10- frames per second.

The Micro 3.0 includes the Micro 3.0 camera, wrist strap, USB adapter, 3’/90cm USB cable and camera pouch. The optional “Screen Shield” is available for the camera’s display window to protect it from fingerprints and scratches.

The Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video light features a large new COB LED delivers 3000 lumens in an even 120° wide beam. The light offers an impressive 90 CRI (color rendering index) with a proprietary COB LED array that replicates natural sunlight (A CRI of 100 would be just like natural sunlight).

With a simple one-button push, the underwater photographer can switch from the wide 120° beam to a narrow 1500 lumen 15° spot beam. For imaging, the spot beam offers many creative opportunities such as to create a narrowly focused snoot or stage spotlight effect.

The narrow beam feature has a long effective range making it useful to see in dark areas and discover hiding fish. The Sea Dragon Pro Dual Beam also offers two 180 lumen 88° red LEDs. Red light won’t affect your own eyes’ night vision or scare-off light-sensitive sea creatures.

Sea Dragon 3000SF Pro Dual Beam Photo-Video Light’s simple push on the feature button shifts the light from red to the wide beam at 3000 lumens. The diver is ready in an instant to capture still or video images.

The feature control button easily switches to the most popular functions:
3000 (Lumen) Flood > 1500 Flood > 750 Flood > 1500 Spot > 750 Spot > 180 RED Flood > Repeat

The Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Set includes a Flex-Connect® Single camera tray, Flex-Connect® Grip, Sea Dragon EVA Travel case, Li-ion battery, AC Charger, and international plug adapters.

The Sea Dragon Pro Dual beam uses a powerful 25Wh 3400mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, which runs the light for 60 minutes at full (3000 lumen) power.

Item SL554

Description Micro 3.0 Pro Dual Beam Underwater Camera Set

US Retail $1,049.95

SeaLife cameras, lighting and accessories are sold and serviced in over 60 countries around the world.

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