SeaLife's New SportDiver Ultra Underwater Smartphone Housing

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SeaLife's New SportDiver Ultra Underwater Smartphone Housing

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SeaLife has introduced the all-new SportDiver Ultra, a cutting-edge underwater smartphone housing designed for superior performance and reliability.


SeaLife Underwater Cameras are designed and created by Pioneer Research in Moorestown, NJ and were first introduced in 1993. In 2000, SeaLife developed the world’s first digital underwater camera. In 2007, SeaLife developed the first non-housing digital underwater camera, and in 2013 SeaLife introduced the Sea Dragon underwater lighting system and its innovative Flex-Connect tray, grip, arm, and mounting accessories. In 2014, SeaLife introduced the Micro HD, the world’s first permanently and fully sealed digital underwater camera, followed by the new Micro 2.0 in 2015 and the cutting-edge DC2000 underwater camera in 2017. In 2018 the company expanded into ultra-compact underwater cameras with its ReefMaster RM-4K, and in 2020 SeaLife introduced the full-featured Micro 3.0 camera. In 2021, SeaLife introduced their first ever underwater smartphone housing, the SeaLife SportDiver.   SeaLife cameras, lighting and accessories are sold and serviced in over 60 countries around the world. For more information visit


Boasting numerous design enhancements over the original acclaimed SportDiver model, the Ultra version offers universal compatibility with virtually all smartphones, including iPhones 8 and later models, as well as larger Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy Ultra series.

Engineered with an unwavering commitment to excellence, the SportDiver Ultra allows divers and snorkelers to capture stunning photos and videos with their smartphones down to depths of 130 feet (40 meters). 

Constructed from premium polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum, and optical-grade glass, the housing weighs 1.78 pounds (808 grams) on land while offering near-neutral buoyancy in water, depending on the smartphone used.

Ergonomically designed for comfortable handling and ease of use, the SportDiver Ultra features a large shutter lever and rear control buttons, enabling effortless operation even while wearing dive gloves. 

Photographers can unleash their creativity by utilizing advanced camera settings such as zoom control, exposure adjustment, auto/manual focus, white balance, lens selection, RAW+JPEG mode, and many more, depending on the phone model.

Complementing the hardware is the free SportDiver camera app, available for both Android and iOS platforms. This app seamlessly switches between photo and video modes, harnessing the native camera technology of the smartphone to deliver the high-quality images and videos users have come to expect. 

Additionally, the app's power-save mode temporarily turns off the camera and dims the display, conserving battery life while remaining instantly accessible with a single touch.

The SportDiver Ultra housing utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology, which automatically connects to the user's smartphone when opening the SportDiver app. The free SportDiver app is compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones, which are available for free download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store under the name "SportDiver”.  

Unlike most other apps, the SportDiver app does not request your email address, phone # or personal information, ensuring your complete privacy.  The SportDiver housing features ultra-low power consumption, powered by two AAA batteries that last over 50 hours of continuous use.

To enhance imaging results, a removable underwater color-correction filter is included, restoring natural underwater colors with ease. This filter can be attached or removed while submerged and includes a safety tether to prevent loss.

Designed with versatility in mind, the SportDiver Ultra housing features seven 1/4-20 tripod mount options, allowing it to be seamlessly mounted with any standard tripod-threaded light or light tray, such as SeaLife's own Sea Dragon underwater photo/video lights. 

For added convenience, SeaLife offers the "SportDiver Ultra 2500 Set," which combines the housing with the Sea Dragon 2500 underwater photo-video light.

Ensuring maximum protection for the user's smartphone, the SportDiver Ultra incorporates a sturdy holding spring and rubber grip tabs that securely holds the device in place, providing shock-protection for both large and small models.

Protecting your valuable smartphone remains a top priority. The new Leak Avoidance System features a pre-dive pressure test to ensure the housing is airtight and waterproof before entering the water.  

In addition to the pre-dive pressure test, an internal moisture sensor activates a 5-second alarm and on-screen warning in the unlikely event the waterproof seal is compromised.   

The housing's new interior design protects sensitive components and electronics from damage in the event water drops accidently enter the housing when opening the door after diving.  The anti-fogging "Moisture Muncher" capsule prevents fogging and internal condensation. 

The housing is sealed with a high-temperature resistant silicone O-ring seal. A robust cam-lock sealing latch, ensuring a secure, waterproof seal.

SeaLife SportDiver Ultra phone housings will be available in May 2024. To ensure compatibility, users can consult SeaLife's "fit-guide" on the website ( or simply scan the QR code provided to determine if their phone model will fit seamlessly into the SportDiver Ultra housing.

Item         Description                                                                              US Retail 

SL405      SportDiver Ultra Underwater Smartphone Housing          $349.95

SL406      SportDiver Ultra 2500 Set with Sea Dragon 2500 Light   $749.95

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