SEACAM Underwater Photo Academy

Online Seminars for Underwater Photographers.

Kurt Amsler demonstrating Seacam goods

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These so-called “cyber lessons” have been available for years in other sectors such as the sports or music industries, for example. In the diving and photography scene, however, this kind of dissemination of knowledge is absolutely new. There is nothing available at the moment comparable to the SEACAM Underwater Photo Academy.

There are currently nine complete courses available, which were produced in a professional studio, in both German and English. The courses offered are designed for all underwater photographers who have basic knowledge and experience. The explained and demonstrated techniques are not meant for exclusive use with SEACAM equipment, but can be practiced with all major brands of photo equipment.

Professional instructor

Thanks to more than 25 years of teaching photography, Kurt Amsler knows exactly what techniques photographers have the most problems with. His lessons are specifically aimed at addressing these techniques, including flash and mixed lighting techniques, wide-angle and fisheye phtography, super-macro, wreck and model shots, just to mention a few. The lessons take over an hour and include a lecture, demonstrations, photographs and graphics.

These “webinars” can easily replace the “classic” photography course. The explained and demonstrated techniques are so simple and logical that they can immediately be practiced by the photographer independently underwater. With sample images included in all the lessons, customers can also compare their work with that of a professional.

The lessons are provided in streaming video, easily downloaded, to make viewing as convenient as possible. An added bonus is that it is also possible to download these workshops onto smartphones and tablets, so you can take them along wherever you go.

Payment for the online courses can be made with credit card or PayPal. The online SEACAM store has everything fully automated for this purpose.

The webinars include lessons of different lengths on various topics, and the prices range between €80-140 (US$111-193) per webinar. Customers can purchase individual courses, but if you buy the whole series at once, the price is cheaper. For each course purchased, the customer will receive, as a bonus, the 50-minute course, The Right Equipment, for free.