Seacam Achromat

Seacam Achromat

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Seacam's new Achromat 4.0 MICRO LENS and flip system is out now.
Normal macro ain't enough for you? Here you go!

The supermacro lens achieves a magnification of 4:1, meaning, 4 times larger than classic macro lenses.

The 4.0 MICRO LENS features a standard 67mm thread and is ready to use
with Seacam’s MIP 60 and MIP 80 microports.

The new Achromat 4.0 supermacro lens can be
paired with Seacam’s new flip system, which mounts on their MIP 60 or MIP 80 microports.
The Single Flip Adapter Base is designed for one lens, and with the Dual Flip Adapter
Extension, usage of the macro lens devices is possible.


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