KUBI S80 Twin Cylinder Transport Bag

KUBI S80 Twin Cylinder Transport Bag

Mon, 15/10/2018 - 20:44
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Peter Kubicka is an ardent cave diving explorer.

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There is one small problem. He lives in Slovakia where some of the sites he wants to explore involve a 5km hike up into the mountains. Just how do you comfortably lug a set of doubles across, up and down this kind of terrain?

When Kubicka cannot find a solution he designs and makes his own kit that works rather well, hence many divers around the world now dive the award-winning KUBI dryglove system.

In this case Peter Kubicka's solution was to design a tackle sack with strong shoulder straps so that he could keep his hands free. This thoroughly field tested bag is manufactured from a strong, durable, waterproof material that is capable of carrying an 11 lt / 80 cf twinset. The bag's wide mouth is fastened by an adjustable cord.

The bag is covered in a plethora of handles. There are four around the middle, one at the top and one at the bottom, which makes it easier to haul, drag, pull and wrangle the bag through a cave system, and up and down pitches. (It probably works quite well when roping a twinset up and down a harbour wall too).

The diver has the option of securing additional equipment, ie fins to the outside of the bag, because of two strategically placed straps that can be cinched down.

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