Bags and cases

Apeks 90L Roller Bag

At present the concept of getting on a plane and diving Careless Reef off Hugharda, seems something of dreams. The thing with dreams is that they can become reality. So when scuba diving reopens and travelling resumes, divers will need a robust and reliable kit bag.

When it comes to Roller bags, reliability, capacity and carrying efficiency are key. Apeks

Oceaner Splash Bag

The vast majority of dry bags are made from a lightweight flexible material such as nylon. This tends to be quite a rugged material, and it is very effective at keeping gear dry.

However, it does not provide any cushioning what so ever. Therefore when I have an item I need to keep dry and physically protect against knocks or impact shock, I tend to roll the item up in my thermals.

The Oceaner Splash Bag looks as though it might offer the best of both worlds. A dry bag that has light impact resistance.

Fourth Element Expedition Series Duffel Bag

I was fed up with playing 'Where's Wally?' trying to spot my black mobile in my handbag. The pink cover solved this. I could find my cell in seconds because I could see it. Now Brit manufacturer Fourth Element has adopted the same thinking after getting frustrated feedback from Fourth Element team divers. It seems that the divers were just not that into hunting for black dive gear, in a black bag, in a black cave. Fourth Element's new 'Expedition Series' duffel bag is bright orange inside and out.

Scubapro Mesh 'N Roll Bag

Scubapro's latest lightweight gear hauler is manufactured from a heavy-duty PVC coated mesh. This fabric should mean the resulting bag is lightweight, durable and rugged.

I am a fan of mesh bags for many reasons. Firstly they are, in the main, light to carry. I do a great impression of being a bag lady lugging gear through airports, up stairs and down piers.

Watershed Chattooga Drybag

The Chattooga Drybag is a top loading duffel sealed with a ZipDry waterproof closure. Created and patented by Watershed, the closure resembles a large zip lock seal and is both air and watertight. The bag is made of backpack-grade nylon coated with sheets of polyurethane film making it incredibly durable. Upon completion each and every bag is inspected to ensure that it is 100% leak proof.