Keldan Spectrum and Ambient Filters

Keldan Spectrum and Ambient Filters

Mon, 05/10/2020 - 14:17
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The Keldan Spectrum Filters for cameras are scientifically engineered color-correction filters based on spectral measurements of the lighting conditions found underwater.

KELDAN Filters
KELDAN Filters

In order to restore correct colors, Keldan Spectrum Filters convert ambient light into a daylight spectrum, while optimizing white balancing. The filters are available in blue and green-water versions, and as threaded or gel/film-filter versions.

The Ambient Filters by Keldan convert the white video light into the same spectrum as the ambient light underwater. This, according to the manufacturer, helps to avoid mixed light problems when the camera’s inbuilt white balance is set to ambient light. Keldan Ambient Light Filters are available for the 4X, 8X, 18X and 24x series of underwater video lights by Keldan.
Available versions include blue, blue-green and green-water correction filters as well as filter versions for 6m or 12m of depth.

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