Lens Beyond Ocean 2024: Call for submissions

Lens Beyond Ocean 2024: Call for submissions

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Submissions accepted until 7 May 2024 for the 2024 Lens Beyond Ocean international competition.

As the organizers put it, Lens Beyond Ocean (LBO) “is more than a competition—it’s an odyssey.” And with that notion in mind, they invite photographers and videographers at all levels, from novice to professional, to take up the challenge, go on a quest to dive the seas, and bring back images of the magic, mystery and magnificence of the underwater world.

In 2024, LBO will proudly present its 13th annual international underwater photography competition. Over the past decade, the competition’s primary aim has been to inspire and empower underwater photographers and videographers around the globe to capture the natural wonders of the underwater realm through their lenses.


Since its start in 2011, the LBO photo competition has seen incredible growth, with over 1,000 underwater photographers from around the world participating every year. Contestants have the chance to win a fabulous array of prizes, which include dive trips and top-of-the-line dive gear and camera equipment.

Be a winner

For avid divers yearning to share their imagery, artistry and experiences with the world, LBO offers an extraordinary platform to showcase their talents. Winners will be selected in each of the following five categories: Macro, Wide-Angle, Compact Camera, 3-Minute Video, and Best of Malaysia by Malaysian. During the Malaysia International Dive Expo in Kuala Lumpur, which takes place 7-9 June 2024, the winning images will be displayed in the foyer, while the winning videos will be showcased on the Main Stage LED screen in Hall 2, Level 1, of the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC).

Call for sponsors

Businesses and organizations who are interested in sponsoring this event and contributing prizes are invited to contact the organizers. In exchange, sponsors will receive significant international promotion and recognition.

Call for photographers and videographers

Are you an underwater photographer or videographer with a passion for capturing the beauty of the deep blue? LBO invites you to step into the spotlight and proudly showcase your talent!

Register today at:

Submission deadline

The final submission deadline is 7 May 2024. It’s time to share your underwater world with the LBO community and beyond. ■

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