InDepth - Building a Tekkie Library

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InDepth - Building a Tekkie Library

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High Springs, FL—Tech diving requires a deep body of knowledge that must be kept current. So it seemed appropriate to ask, what books should tekkies have on their shelves?

To answer that question, InDepth, a monthly online magazine, turned to DAN America’s nerdy risk mitigation coordinator cum cave diver, Christine Tamburri to suss out suitable tekkie tomes.

Her story takes the reader from classics from early tech, diving medicine reference texts, books on gases, the D-Word, notes from the underground—we’re talking cave diving here—including a triliogy of books from legendary explorer Sheck Exley, books on human factors and close calls, rebreathers, sidemount systems, some lighter reading fare—your do go “Diving With Divers” don’t you, aa well as some über geeky diving symposium proceedings.

If you’re ready to feed that helium-heightened head of yours, then by all means, PLEASE DIVE IN.

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