Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Launches a Comprehensive Project Diver Program in 2022

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Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Launches a Comprehensive Project Diver Program in 2022

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The first of these programs is being offered at Deep Dive Dubai from May 14 – 19, 2022
A second session will be offered the week before the GUE Conference starting October 29, 2022

Global Underwater Explorers
Global Underwater Explorers

GUE diver training programs are now reaching new heights with an exploration-grade level of diver training, designed to support the globally significant diving projects for which the organization is well known. GUE’s new Project Diver program distills the agency’s decades of project experience into a program that will support the elevation of community-led, project dives to an entirely new level of sophistication.

Subject matter experts in decompression science, hyperbaric medicine, underwater archeology, extreme exploration, and technology innovations will assemble to share cutting-edge knowledge and techniques during a week-long workshop known as a “core module”. This workshop is later followed by a hands-on global diving project where the team develops a unique deliverable in support of underwater conservation and documentation. The most advanced of these projects is known as a Level 3 Apprentice Project and includes only individuals with the highest level of training and experience.

The workshop component of this training encompasses an event-oriented lecture open to all participants. This two-day format is followed by hands-on coaching in the application of unique and sophisticated project techniques and requires GUE Fundamentals or higher rating. GUE is calling this workshop the Core Module.

The pilot program for the Core Module is scheduled for May, 2022, at Deep Dive Dubai, the World’s Deepest Pool, located in the NAS Sports Complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A secondary pilot program will be conducted during the GUE annual conference in October, 2022, in High Springs, Florida, USA.

Following the Core Module, participants will work with a qualified trainer to complete an Apprentice Diving Project that is organized around the experience and training of the participants. The most advanced of these programs is known as the Level 3: Project Diver and is designed to develop and refine a divers ability to capture detailed documentation within remote and challenging environments, including deep within the ocean or placed far inside complex underwater caves.

GUE’s level three program allows participants to expand on concepts previously discussed or casually demonstrated but never properly cultivated or evaluated at a mastery level.

Divers participating in an apprentice project will work as a team to overcome complex logistics while capturing sophisticated data in remote and challenging environments. These sessions include practice managing complex rescue scenarios, utilization of in-water recompression procedures, decompression habitat utilization, DPV mapping technologies, and movement of heavy equipment payloads or fragile archeological artifacts. The projects will enhance our understanding of the underwater world.

Global Underwater Explorers is a non-profit organization with communities of divers spread across the globe. GUE was founded by explorers using a team approach to enable project-based diving initiatives around the world, bringing this experience to a new set of training programs in support of its mission to explore and protect the aquatic realm.

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